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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dirty Harriet by Miriam Auerbach

Dirty Harriet   didn't work for me.  The transition from "Boca Babe" in Boca Raton's wealthiest society to  Harley-riding-detective with all of the language that might seem appropriate for a Harley-riding-detective did not ring true for me.  Harriet was educated at one of the "prissy" women's colleges on the East Coast (one reason the transition to H-r-d didn't work for me), her husband was a Yale grad, big-time lawyer with a coke habit.

Until, that is, Harriet blew him away.  She moves from high society to swamp society as soon as the shooting is ruled self-defense.  From then on, she is happy with her Harley, her cabin in the Glades, and a mouthful of one liners that quickly got on my nerves.

The solution to the mystery of two deaths of young illegal aliens from Peru, involves an experimental surgery and "donation" of organs that has not yet gone mainstream.

Overall, this one is not my kind of mystery.

from Net Galley/Belle Bridge Books

Mystery.  original publ. 2oo6; repub.  March 2013.  Print version 304 pages.  ISBN-10: 0373880901

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