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Monday, August 11, 2014

Deadly Bonds by L.J. Sellers and Game of Fear by Robin Perini

Deadly Bonds  by L. J. Sellers is part of a series featuring Detective Wade Jackson.  I wasn't familiar with this series of mystery/suspense novels, but I enjoyed it very much.  Detective Jackson is an ordinary, middle-aged man, with plenty of problems of his own, but who has a commitment to doing the right thing.

When investigating the death of a young woman, he discovers a hidden five-year-old boy.  The boy attaches himself to Jackson, and Jackson feels the bond developing between them, but will it compromise his ability to solve the case.

In the meantime, Detective Evans, his protege, is reassigned to another case involving the death of a football player, that may be a simple heart attack.  Jackson's team is understaffed her talents are missed.  Especially since Jackson fears that the boy may be a target as well.

Jackson is a likable and fallible protagonist, working hard to do the right thing and sometimes unsure what that is.  Well-written and compelling mystery.  I may look for the first in the series;  I liked Jackson and the plot that much.

Read in June.  Review scheduled for Aug.

NetGalley/Thomas & Mercer

Police Procedural.  Aug. 26.  Print length:  320 pages.

Game of Fear by Robin Perini

When Deb Lansing's younger sister goes missing, Deb has trouble getting anyone to believe her.  Gabe Montgomery does, but partly because Gabe's father had a case with similarities that was never solved and partly because Gabe has a bit of a crush on Deb.

What they discover is that missing teen's who were highly gifted have gone missing over the years in numbers that certainly should have caused interest.  Except that often a note was left indicating that the disappearance was voluntary, or there was a romance involved persuaded the police that the teenagers had run away together.

The disappearances are not, however, voluntary, and Deb and Gabe find themselves knee-deep in a conspiracy that will change the world as they know it.

The premise was interesting, but the way the plot played out didn't allow me to suspend my disbelief.   Not a bad summer read, but for me, not terribly memorable.  


Suspense.  Aug. 28, 2014.  Print length:  372 pages.


  1. I like a good police procedural, may look for this one.

  2. Deadly Bonds sounds good. I'm intrigued to find out about the bond between Jackson and the boy. Plus, sounds like this book has lots of stuff going on and I'm curious to see how it's gonna play out.

  3. Deadly Bonds sounds terrific! I will definitely look for that one.

  4. :) I liked it partly because Jackson is not really young, really handsome, or really outstanding--just normal. Except that he has a sense of kindness and empathy.