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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Studio Time

I have a lot of reviews scheduled (thank goodness!)   That is especially good since I have not been keeping up with writing reviews lately.

Most of my time is spent in the studio working on more Halloween figures and the Spell Book ...than on reviewing.  Playing with the Spell Book pages is like an obsessive compulsive disorder or like that old advertising saw "bet you can't eat just one"--with book pages, it is difficult to stop playing and experimenting.  
The pocket on the above page is a collage with wax paper.  
I'm not sure what will go in the pocket, but I stuck in a scrap to show the possibility.
Somewhere, I'll find a spell to put at the top of the page.

Below is another incomplete page with two pockets.

All of these pages are tip-ins.
Some pages have not been detached,
and I work on them right in the book.

Another tip-in.
Experimented with using the
paper towels I use for brush and paint clean-up.

I have a stack of tip-in pages
I've been working on,
a bunch of tags in progress,
assorted items that I might be able to include,
page lay-outs in the book itself.

Altered book stuff is a new thing for me,
so there is a lot of experimenting,
and a lot of failures,
but playing with paste, paint, and scissors is fun!

I finally finished Frank-N-Stein, although he is actually Victor Frankenstein's monster, he adapted Victor's last name for his own benefit.  I let this fellow sit for a long time while working on other creatures, but I now have a deadline to meet-- so all of the creatures are now getting worked on.  Moving from Goblin to Troll to a witch who doesn't look too classically witchy to Frank to Spell Book and back again.  Not to mention the difficulty of drafting multiple patterns for clothing and creating odd little familiars to attend the magical beings....

The worst part is making mistakes and miscalculations that have to be corrected.  If I ever learn to think through things first, I will save a great deal of time on corrections.   


Although I'm not keeping up with reviews, I'm still reading.  Frustration in the studio is a frequent occurrence and sends me straight to a book.  I've started a dozen books lately that haven't caught my attention.  Fortunately, some occasionally excellent and frequently adequately entertaining books soothe my feathers.  


  1. I love Victor Frankenstein's monster. You did a good job. And I love seeing the Spell Book pages. :-)

  2. Frank-N-Stein and the Spell Book look great!

    I still think you read a lot of books, Jenclair, otherwise we won't get to read your reviews. Speaking of books, I'm currently reading a crime thriller, Now You See Me by S J Bolton. This is the second book I read by her and they're great! It's a series featuring DC Lacey Flint.

  3. Frank-N-Stein is wonderful eccentric. Love him and his bat!! Spell book is intriguing. Your house is magical at Halloween!!

  4. Wendy - Thanks! I'm glad to be finishing some of my little eccentric creatures!

    Melody - :) Thank you! Now to finish final details on a few others! Oh, and I liked A Dark and Twisted Tide (Lacey Flint) by Bolton.

    Teresa - Frank is such a softy--he is definitely attached to his bat friend! You and Ricky will have to visit when I get all my Halloween eccentrics out for their annual celebration.

  5. Kelly - Yep, that's what my husband says when I trick him to take me out for Margaritas! Or maybe he says, "What the heck have you been doing all day that you didn't have time to fix supper?!"

  6. Frankenstein's monster is amazing!! I love his scarf and his wonderful little bat!

  7. Thanks, Jenny! The little guys keep me occupied!