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Monday, August 11, 2014

Personal by Lee Child

I read my first Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child in 2010 and immediately checked out everything the library had to offer. Below is a list of the novels in the series; I've marked through the ones I've read.

The Jack Reacher novels:
___ #1 Killing Floor (1997)
___ #2 Die Trying (1998)
___ #3 Tripwire (1999)
___ #4 Running Blind: US title/The Visitor: UK title (2000)
___ #5 Echo Burning (2001)
___ #6 Without Fail (2002)
___ #7 Persuader (2003)
___ #8 The Enemy (2004) Prequel set eight years before Killing Floor.
___ #9 One Shot (2005)
___ #10 The Hard Way (2006)
___ #11 Bad Luck and Trouble (2007)
___ #12 Nothing to Lose (2008)
___ #13 Gone Tomorrow (2009)
___ #14 61 Hours (Spring 2010)
___ #15 Worth Dying For (Fall 2010)
___ #16 The Affair (2011) This is another prequel set just before Killing Floor.
___ #17 A Wanted Man (2012)
___ #18 Never Go Back (2013)
___#19 Personal (2014)

I've just finished Personal, so I have to go back and pick up the three I haven't read.  Since I've reviewed all of the ones I've read, I'll just add a bit about Jack Reacher's background.

Reacher is 6'5 inches tall; his father was military, his mother was French; he is a retired Army MP; he uses physics when he fights or plans; he can tell time without a watch.  He owns nothing but the clothes he wears and a toothbrush.  He is constantly on the move, and of course, always there to defend the right.  He is just plain remarkable.  (I wouldn't watch the film with little Tom Cruise playing the 6'5" Reacher...for several reasons.)

Personal has Reacher pulled back into service...unofficially.  A sniper has taken a shot at the President of France; a shot that only the most elite snipers in the world could make.  The possibilities for the shooter are down to three.  One of the snipers in the running is a man Reacher arrested years ago, and the thought is that perhaps he can do it again.  At least that is what the State Department and the CIA hope.

Teamed with Casey Nice, Reacher ends up in London ready to do battle with local mobsters who have teamed up with the suspect.

I'm including some of the praise for this series (which I love):

“Welcome to the relentless world of Jack Reacher and his impressive tendency to be in the wrong place at the right time. . . . Child has created an iconic character that other thriller writers try to emulate but don’t come close to matching.”—Associated Press

“The Reacher novels are easily the best thriller series going.”—NPR

“Child is a superb craftsman of suspense.”—Entertainment Weekly

NetGalley/Random House/Delacorte Press

Thriller/Action.  Sept. 2, 2014.  Print Length:  368 pages.


  1. I really enjoy this series too, and I see from your list that there's a new one out. Excellent! Always a reliable read.

  2. Vicki - I've got to catch up on the ones I've missed. Once I read one Jack Reacher, I couldn't quit!

  3. I was just looking at all my Jack Reacher books and wondering if it was time to admit I don't care for the guy and pass the books along. I wish I liked the series more than I do.

  4. I've read The Killing Floor and Tripwire by Child. It's daunting because the series is so long, but I see you have skipped a few and did just fine, so maybe I will pick it up again.

    Do you read David Baldacci? He has a couple of series going now of which I've read the first in each, and I am thinking they are similar to the Jack Reacher ones, whether by accident or intentionally. Enjoy!

  5. Wendy - :) He isn't really human, is he? Still--I enjoy them a lot; they a little like licorice, definitely not chocolate.

  6. Rita - All of the Reacher series function well as stand-alones, and I didn't read any of them in order. I've read a couple by Baldacci, but not in a long time. I know he's still popular because I read plenty of blog posts about his books.

  7. I've only read two books of this series, I think. I'm quite a slow reader when it comes to series books, but well it all depends on the authors and the characters. ;)

    I didn't watch the movie for some reasons like you do. ;P

  8. I have listened to Killing Floor, Tripwire, and Die Trying on book tapes, which have greatly entertained me on long driving trips!

  9. Melody - Can't believe they gave the part to that man. :)

    Teresa - And girl, you do take some long trips. I was telling my daughter yesterday about how you just hop in the car and head for VA. I can barely make it to Target!

  10. Jenny,I make it with a little help from my book tapes!