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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Study Guides & Libraries

One of the sad things about my lack of reading activity is that Mac doesn't get enough lap time. He resents this lack, and I'm going to have to do something about it. Soon.

Interesting links:

Video Study Guides
are an interesting idea; introductions, summaries, analysis.

Gaiman's Coraline.

World's Most Beautiful Libraries.


  1. My husband jokingly complains he can't get on to the computer - but I think he feels it really! As an ex librarian I love your link to the world's most beautiful libraries

  2. Those libraries are gorgeous! I knew the Barnes and Noble was huge in Baltimore but that library is enormous! If I ever make it up that way again I'll have to stop in and see it.

  3. Wow! Those libraries are amazing! You know I really don't think I would ever leave a library like that if I had one around me. The Jefferson Parish library is so boring :p If we had one of those I'd wake up every morning and just spend every day there!

  4. I'm a poor sad soul who thinks that any library is beautiful one look at all those books and I'm lost.

  5. Wow, those libraries truly are beautiful. Makes my mouth water to think of working in that atmosphere, but I think I might be a little intimidated. Also, I wouldn't want to have to shelve using some of the ladders that I saw. EEEK!

    The library I work in has been recently remodeled and expanded and is quite nice. We do not have such lush ceiling and wall paintings however. Ha! We do have some clever little reading areas and they enclosed an outside porch that ran the length of the building and made a teen and youth reading area. It's very comfy and a good use of space I think.

  6. My goodness, those libraries are beautiful! I'll have to keep going back to that site because it's overwhelming at first. Thanks for the link!

  7. BooksPlease -- Aren't they impressive? Form and function.

    Ladytink -- I love our library, but these gorgeous libraries are built with a sense of spiritual grandeur. Who could afford the detail and the craftsmanship these days?

    Chris -- They ARE magnificent; I'd love to visit one of them in person.

    Ann -- Well, I have to agree that the books are the treasure within each setting.

    Kay -- I suspect I'd be intimidated, too, Kay. I wouldn't mind getting used to it, though. But yes, the shelving would be left to the young and agile!

    Gentle Reader -- They are a bit overwhelming. Like Cathedrals filled with books...

  8. Now you've added to my "must see" list ~ LOL! Wouldn't it be wonderful to see those libraries?!

  9. Paula -- Oh, I agree! I'd love to visit one or more of them.

  10. What a great idea! Thanks for the post.

  11. Oh.....that library gives me chills...I could so spend hours lusting and longing for a room like that in my home. Of course then I'd just be dusting all the time, so thank God for small miracles. ;)