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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Links and Uh, Oh

Many bloggers posted poems yesterday; I found this one by one of my favorite poets on Ann's blog. Perfect, perfect, perfect!

Lisa (Pfeiffer Booknotes) posted this link to an article in the New York Times about a new literary program. Sounds great!

Over at Pages Turned, Susan posted her January Recap and noted that she, too, had enjoyed An Absolute Gentleman.

I've received nominations for the You Make My Day Award from Iliana, Lisa, and (a long time ago, Lotus) and have neglected to mention it here. Thanks to all of you for including me among the blogs you read and enjoy! All three of you have Made My Day many times!

Here are some (by no means all) of the blogs that make my day:

A Reader's Journal
A Striped Armchair
A Fondness for Reading
Bookfoolery and Babble
Book Chase
Maggie Reads
My Individual Take on the Subject
Off Books and Bicycles
So Many Books
Stainless Steel Droppings

Oh, shoot! I've done something stupid and now all my book blogs have disappeared from Bloglines. They are there in Edit, but not in Feeds. What...?


  1. Thanks so much for putting me on the list! I enjoy your blog a bunch too. :)

    I can't help you with bloglines-I onlystarted using it myself a few days ago. I hope it gets fixed though!

  2. Thank you for the very nice mention! I'm very glad to see it, as I certainly enjoy reading your site regularly. And I hope you figure out what went wrong with Bloglines!

  3. Ah Jenclair, thanks! You make my day too :)

  4. Aww, thank yew! Yew make my day, too!

    Now, about the bloglines, the plumber must be at work! Relax, and if it isn't back tomorrow, then panic! :P

  5. Thank you, Jenclair! You always make my day, too. :)

    I don't know about bloglines, but things are occasionally disappearing from my blog or changing. Waiting them out often works, but I'm not sure what to do about some of my missing buttons. I think it's blogger gremlins nibbling away.

  6. Hope your book blog feeds are back to normal. I've had something similar happen but I think it was just a glitch as everything got straightened out next time I logged on.

  7. You're too kind, Jenclair, but I certainly do appreciate it. You always improve my day.

  8. You make my day as well, thank you. You read such a fascinating variety of books and I am always finding stuff that sounds interesting either for myself or my wife. I appreciate you and I appreciate your thoughts that you share with us here.

  9. make my day!!

  10. Thanks so much for putting me on your list, Jenclair. I always enjoy reading your blog, so it means a lot.

  11. You have such a wonderful gift with people, JenClair! Thank you for the mention and you, too, have made my day. I really do value your presence here.

  12. I know some of these blogs and I'm very much looking forward to the ones I don't know yet.

  13. Just hoping you are okay. Haven't heard from you for a couple weeks.

  14. Booklogged - Thanks for checking in! I've been busy with occasional baby-sitting, some difficulties with my father who is still recovering from his stroke (well, he'll never recover because of the Alzheimer's, but he is still receiving physical therapy), the challenge of making a "daily thing" on my other blog, and a bout with a flu-like virus. I've been reading, but find catching up on all of the reviews a daunting task. Thanks for giving me the push to get back to my reading blog!