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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Shadow of Power

Martini, Steve. Shadow of Power.

6 word synopsis: Author murdered. Supreme Court Justice involved.

Found the premise a bit hard to swallow, but the novel was fast-paced and the legal stuff interesting.

Fiction. Legal thriller/mystery. ARC. 2008. 390 pages.


  1. Martini is one of those best seller authors that I tend to stay away from because he sells in such huge numbers, etc. I admit to being a lit snob and that's a good example of my ailment. Is it worth the time?

  2. I've seen some of Martini's books around but have never picked one up. Have you read any others by him?

  3. Sam - It reads fast, but was a bit far fetched. I did like the main character, though.

    booklogged - Nope, this was the first one I've read by him.