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Monday, March 30, 2009

Almost Caught Up

I've only two more books to review...unless I finish one of the ones in progress.

Currently still working on Yoga as Medicine and have begun The Three Pound Enigma: the Human Brain and the Quest to Unlock Its Mysteries, and The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club. I tried Knit Two by Kate Jacobs, but abandoned it for lack of interest; however, so far, I'm enjoying Beach Street.

I also received an ARC from Curtiss Ann Matlock: Chin Up, Honey which I'm eager to get to. Thanks, Curtiss Ann!

In the meantime, I'm busy adding to my TBR list:

This Is Your Brain on Music (via Robin, the Gentle Reader)

The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan: The Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great American Dust Bowl (via Bybee)

Little Women and the Feminist Imagination (Bybee, again)

Despite my love for fantasy, I've only one book in my stacks that will fit Carl's Once Upon a Time III Challenge. The only two challenges I participate in any more are Carl's R.I.P Challenge and his Once Upon a Time Challenge. What better excuse to indulge my love of Gothic & the supernatural and fantasy & fairy tale! Library this week!

What else is going on? Gardening and sewing. What should be going on? Decluttering and organizing. Ah, well...


  1. That will be a fun library trip! Enjoy!

  2. Funny how the decluttering and organizing always end up at the bottom of the list right? Well, they do for me anyway :)

    Have fun on your library trip - can't wait to see what you'll find for the challenge!

  3. All of those sound very interesting! Though I know I need to read Little Women to properly enjoy the last one :P I'm planing to soon!

  4. Jenclair, I keep meaning to ask you this...I'm starting to get into yoga (I find that it helps me calm down and release some anger, and I always feel so great afterwards!), and I'm wondering if you can direct me to any good books for beginners that I could look for at my library. You've read so widely on the subject, I feel like you're a good resource. Also, any pointers for me as a newbie yoga practitioner? Thanks!

  5. Well, you always help me with my TBR list, so I'm happy to return the favor...

  6. Kailana - I plan to go to the library tomorrow and am gathering titles to look for!

    iliana - Decluttering and organizing take a certain frame of mind, and I do keep moving them to the bottom of the list. "I'll do that after I read, sew, garden, etc."

    Nymeth - It is so much fun to see so many books that sound wonderful! The time do read them all is harder to find. You are right about reading Little Women, and I should reread it myself before reading the criticism, but I probably won't.

    Lexi - I found Hatha Yoga Illustrated a wonderful resource. Lovely step-by-step photographs, plenty of explanations, counterposes, physical & mental benefits, contraindications, Sanskrit names are all included, and the sections are divided into standing poses, twisting poses, etc. It is an excellent reference.

    Tips? Unless you are very flexible, don't push too hard. Let your body adjust gradually and don't hurt yourself.

    Also, you might try several of the books the library has to offer because each one seems to provide something a bit different. Let me know how your reading goes! You may find some excellent books that I'd like to read, too.

    Bybee - Was there just a bit of a wry tone to that comment? :) Naahh, we love adding to our lists!

  7. Hey, one book is all it takes!

    I'm glad you are joining in, no matter how many books you get to.

  8. Carl - I've already broken my vow to restrict book purchases and ordered some great possibilities!