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Monday, May 18, 2009

I've not been keeping up with either blog lately. Haven't even been online much, but I'm trying to do better.

The garden and yoga have been calling me more than reading lately, and both reading and blogging have been taking a back seat. I do have several books to review and have several in progress, but I'm moving more slowly.

Iliana recently asked what music I listen to when doing yoga. Here are CDs I listen to--for both yoga and meditation: Deuter: A Spiritual Healing, Yoga Rhythm by Soul Food, Prem by Snatam Kaur, Grace by Snatam Kaur, and Tai Chi: Music for Relaxation.

I love the music on Shiva Ray's DVD's. She uses various artists including Sivakumar, John DeKadt, Layne Redmond, and Tumbara. I'd like to have Yoga Rhythms.

At yoga this morning, Marcia had a wonderful CD, but I've forgotten the name of it. And this is something new-- I've branched out in my yoga practice (The Vigorous Mind self-challenge) and have been taking some lessons from another studio from teachers of Iyengar, Hatha, and Viniyoga.

This has been a good experience and has inspired me to attend a Hatha Yoga Intensive in Austin this summer. Hope I'll have the opportunity to meet Iliana while I'm there!

When I began my self-challenge in January, one of the goals was to go deeper into my yoga studies...which I have been doing in reading. I would never have believed, however, that I would go so far as to attend classes from 8 AM-5:30 PM, five days a week for a month. Sometimes things just fall together.


  1. Oh my gosh, you are coming to Austin! Yay. Once you have all your travel plans you'll have to let me know - I'd love to meet you and take you to BookPeople :)

    And, thank you so much for all the yoga music info. I'm taking note because I really need to find some so I can do my yoga practice at home. I'm finding that I still can't quite "clear" my mind if I don't have music. Weird.

    Anyway, congrats on doing so well with your self-challenge. I'm so impressed!

  2. Yoga sounds lovely, always wanted to try that :) enjoy

  3. Iliana - :) Oh, the connections of the internet! Think of all the places we could visit and find a bookish friend thanks to blogging. I'd love to visit BookPeople and talk books in person!

    Heard a new CD at Susan's class last night JALA, another one of Shiva Ray's. Beautiful cello in the closing, meditative part!

    Blodeudd - Yoga is a wonderful activity!

  4. I am glad you are back to blogging! Your blog was quiet for a while. Missed reading your posts!

  5. I've been a slow blogger lately, too. I wish it was because I was doing more yoga! I hope your time in Austin is great--looking forward to hearing about it :)

  6. I've been a sporadic poster (and even worse commenter!) myself.

    I would love to give yoga a try sometime. But with my bad shoulder and worse knees, not sure if I'd even be able to do it!! Though Lord knows I could use the relaxation!

  7. Kailana - Thanks! I have so much to catch up on in blogging reviews and reading blogs and answering email!

    Gentle Reader - I think the time of year has something to do with blog slow-downs. So many people are enjoying outside activities right now. I'm thrilled about Austin...and will hopefully be able to keep up with some blogging while there.

    Stephanie - If you could find someone who teaches restorative yoga, it would help your shoulders and knees. Tai Chi helped both my shoulders and knees, but "fitness" yoga classes might not be the answer. Look for a Viniyoga class, they approach yoga from the needs of the individual student.

    I can do "fitness" yoga only because of the years of Tai Chi and qi gong classes that helped my shoulders tremendously. My new Viniyoga classes are so different from my other classes and focus on breath, relaxation, and addressing specific physical needs.