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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Silent on the Moor

Raybourn, Deanna. Silent on the Moor.

The third in Raybourn's series about Lady Julia Grey.

I have to admit that the cover nearly prevented me from checking the book out. A poor choice, I think. The earlier covers were excellent, and the series is popular so there was no need for the change in style. I would never have read the first novel if the cover had been in this vein.

Oh, well, having read the first two in the series, I bit my tongue and bagged the book.

I did enjoy it, of course. The first book was the best, partly because of that wonderful opening sentence, but this was a nice bit of mystery to occupy an empty evening. The immediacy of the first novel is not present in this one, and I'm a little tired of the Heathcliff image with Nicholas Brisbane--although it fit in perfectly with the setting in the Yorkshire moors.

Hopefully, the next in the series will see Brisbane begin to grow out of his petulance and to exhibit a bit more humor. I'd like to see Brisbane and Lady Julia more as partners than contestants; this possibility is implied in the conclusion, but the relationship will never run perfectly smooth.

And will there be more of Portia and Jane? This series has a number of interesting minor characters who deserve more time.

Raybourn writes light historic mysteries that make for enjoyable reading.

Fiction. Historic novel/Mystery. 2009 465 pages.


  1. They sounds interesting :)
    And I on the other hand do like that cover

  2. That cover would have had the same effect on me. I'm glad the book turned out to be enjoyable regardless!

  3. I won't go out in public with covers like this! Frankly, very rarely do covers like this ENTER my house in the first place! lol

  4. I think I must have been offered this book for review, at some point, because it's familiar and I definitely remember the cover turned me off. Funny, since I love Colleen Gleason's vampire book covers and they're similar. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  5. That cover is a fail for me. Glad the story was good, though.

  6. I was disappointed in that cover also. I still need to read the second book then I can decide whether to continue or not.

  7. Blodeuedd - The cover reminds me of a Romance novel, and there is a little romance, but just a little, in these mysteries.

    Nymeth - I don't think either of the two sequels have been as good as the first one, but I still enjoyed it.

    Kailana - I know what you mean. I'm sure I occasionally miss a good book because the cover looks too much like a Romance.

    Bookfool - :) Yep. Gleason's covers, though, indicate the contents. Raybourn's novels don't have sex, just a bit of sexual tension.

    Bybee - Hmmm. Maybe someone should contact the publishing company about the effect this cover has on so many readers.

    Framed - The first one was the best because it had a quirky approach. The other two fall into more typical patterns.

  8. I was so excited about this one I had to have it as soon as it came out. And then I have yet to read it. I think the cover was a poor choice, too, but I guess they're marketing it for the romance aspect rather than the mystery--pity. I am looking forward to it, though!

  9. Danielle - I wish they didn't have that mutually exclusive attitude about covers. Many covers can appeal to both genres!