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Friday, October 09, 2009

In the Shadow of Gotham

Pintoff, Stefanie. In the Shadow of Gotham.

A debut author and a new series! In 1905, Detective Simon Ziele thought he was transferring to a quiet, small-town atmosphere when he left New York's police department. A shocking murder, however, involves him in an investigation that leads back to the big city.

The investigation has barely begun when Ziele is contacted by criminologist Alistair Sinclair, who believes he knows who brutally murdered Sarah Wingate. Sinclair tells the detective that the murder sounds too much like the fantasies of Michael Fromley, the young man Sinclair has been studying, for it to be a coincidence.

But what possible connection could Fromley have had with Sarah Wingate, a brilliant mathematician? And where is Michael Fromley? He appears to have disappeared. Ziele and Sinclair work together to solve this murder, but Simon Ziele has some questions about Alistair Sinclair and his work with potential criminals.

Thoroughly involving, I look forward to the next in this series and hope to see Simon's character (and a few others) a bit better developed. One of the interesting and enjoyable aspects of a new series is seeing the main characters emerge and evolve.

Fiction. Historical Mystery/Crime/Procedural. 2009. 381 pages.


  1. Another book to add to my wish list! I really like the cover of this one as well as the story you've described, Jenclair. I really like crime fiction set in the past.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. I was worrying about what to read when I finished the ones on the shelf in about five years from now. Thns one sounds good, I might not be able to wait that long.

  3. LF - Pintoff does a great job in creating the atmosphere. So many interesting historic events and places become "more real" in a novel.

    Framed - You really need a Challenge to get after that sagging book shelf! I've got a few that need to pulled down and read as well. Well, it isn't such a bad problem, is it?

  4. I'm happy to report that the new, improved, on-the-wagon book buyer is NOT going to rush out and buy this book even though it is tempting. No, I am going to add it to my wish list.

    That's my new policy - I can't buy any books unless they've been on the wish list first. It's a silly little thing but it is slowing down the buying fever that has been coursing through my veins the last several months.

    Good review, Jenclair. The book sounds really good and I love a good mystery.

  5. Oh, nothing something that I would normally gravitate to, but this looks good! Thanks for the review!

  6. Cheya - Try the library New Book Shelf! The library always supports the habit with no cost (oh, maybe a fine now and then).

    I don't buy too much fiction, but I do buy a lot of nonfiction because I know I'll read or refer to them again. My books on yoga, sewing, quilting, crafting, biographies, history, etc., are the ones that bust my budget, because even if I first get it from the library, if I like it, I want it on hand.

    Kailana - :) I love mystery and fantasy both, but you are much more of a fantasy gal!

  7. Now this has all the elements that I look for in a mystery! Will be putting it on my list.

  8. Iliana - This is a debut novel and very good!

  9. OOH goody, a mystery series and this is its debut. The plot sounds intriguing to me. Thanks for pointing me to this book.
    Mystery lover, and author of a Christmas book

  10. Terra - I really enjoyed this mystery!