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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Tourist by Olen Steinhaur

The Tourist involves Milo Weaver, a former CIA operative (tourist) who is no longer in the field, but behind a desk.  When he is sent to take down a terrorist whose exploits he has been tracking for years, it seems that the terrorist intended for Milo to be the one who catches up with him.

The terrorist, known as The Tiger, explains he wants Milo to find out who has infected him with AIDS.  Next, Milo is informed that a former partner has been leaking secrets.  Against his better judgment, Milo returns to field work to untangle a web of lies and misdirection.

In spite of the fact that George Clooney bought the film rights and several respected authors gave this one a thumb's up, I wasn't thrilled with it.  I found Milo difficult to believe in and was unable to feel terribly involved with the action.  Actually, there wasn't all that much action.

Nothing new here, and the novel lacked that certain something that allows this reader to enter into the spirit of events, regardless of how unlikely they may be..

Fiction.  Spy novel/ thriller?  2009.  408 pages.


  1. I've been curious about Olen Steinhauer--I've been getting more into spy novels and I've seen his name pop up. I wonder if he writes more than on series, though, one set during the war years. Maybe this one will make a better movie than it did a book?

  2. Danielle - I wasn't familiar with Steinhauer and just picked the book off the new book shelf at the library. It is always possible that it will make a better movie, and George Clooney is always worth watching!

  3. I'm hearing a lot of "meh" noises about thrillers, in general, these days. Maybe we're all tired of them. George Clooney would at least make it fun to watch.

  4. Hmm, you know I like mysteries but spy stories don't really draw me in too much. This is one of those I'd probably enjoy more in a movie format! So is it in production? Man, not only am I behind in books but movies too :)

  5. I'm probably wrong here, but is this the book based on the newest Johnny Depp & Angelina Jolie?

  6. Christina - I thought of the movie when I picked the book from the library shelf, but no, evidently not the same one. Guess George Clooney, who optioned the film rights for this novel, will have to find a new title if he produces it. :)