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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Bomber Boys by Travis Ayres

The Bomber Boys:  Heroes Who Flew the B17s in World War II was an informative and personal look into the lives of five crews that flew B-17s during WWII.

At first, I wasn't sure that I'd like it (Ayres is not a professional writer), but the more I read, the more involved I became.

Laddie (my father) was a navigator on B17s; his pilot was Tom Landry (which meant free tickets to the Dallas Cowboys games during Landry's head coach days).  When we were rummaging through Laddie's war trunk, we found his Air Medal, his Distinguished Flying Cross, and his Lucky Bastard Certificate.

Although he never talked much about the war, he was an engineering student at LSU when Pearl Harbor was bombed.   He drove to Barksdale to enlist because he wanted to fly.  One brother joined the Navy, and the other joined the Army.  

The more I read, the more I enjoyed the stories of the young aviators and their crews.

More to be read on this subject.  Next up: 
The Mighty Eighth: The Air War in Europe as Told by the Men Who Fought It 

Nonfiction.  History/ WWII.  2005.  262 pages + bibliography.


  1. Love the personal connection! Very cool

  2. I found the stories of these young men compelling, but as you say, I do have a personal interest. I like books about WWII in general, but this one is certainly closer to my father's experiences.