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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Tutankhamun: The Book of Shadows

Tutankhamun:  The Book of Shadows  is an interesting historical mystery set in the turbulent period of Tutankhamun's short reign.

I enjoy novels about ancient Egypt and find it curious to see how different novelists develop the characters of Tutankhamun; his wife (and half-sister) Ankhesenamun; Ay, the Grand Vizier, the power behind Tut's reign, and briefly pharaoh after Tut's death; and Horemheb, the Commander of the Army. 

Drake has created Rahotep, a Medjay officer called "the seeker of mysteries," who was the protagonist in Drake's first book in the series.  Rahotep is both a detective and a family man, which causes him quite a few dilemmas as he tries to balance work and family commitments.  Rahotep's character is nicely drawn and gives him a depth and sensitivity that might not be historically or culturally accurate, but makes him interesting and likable.

After being called in to investigate a gruesome murder of a crippled adolescent, Rahotep is also requested to aid the young king and queen by discovering the source of threatening gifts.  A second murder with bizarre details, this time of a young woman, and Rahotep knows there is a connection not only of the two young victims, but with the royal family.

What is at stake?  The safety of the Pharaoh and his wife, political stability, and Rahotep's own family.

Fiction.  Mystery/Historical Fiction.  2010.  369 pages.


  1. hm, I like the time period. I wonder if I would like this series...

  2. kailana - I haven't read the first one about Nefertiti, but will look for it the next library visit.