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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gail Carriger's Timeless is the fifth in the Parasol Protectorate series featuring Lady Macon, vampires, werewolves, humor, and satire.  I've yet to read Heartless, # 4 in the series, so I'll have to get to that one before the latest offering.  I liked Souless, the first in the series the best because the satire was fresh and funny.  The next two were OK, but not nearly as good.
(this is just my opinion--others have felt that the series kept getting better)

Naomie Novik has a new Temeraire offering -- Crucible of Gold

But when will my favorite fantasy series by Megan Whalen Turner have a new offering?   Surely it is about time for a return of Gen, the thief of Attolia.  

Deborah Crombie (Gemma & Duncan Kincaid) has a new book out-- No Mark Upon Her.  I love this mystery/police procedural series and hope the library is quick to get this one.

I'm experiencing book lust.  The weird part is that although I'm finding dozens of books that I want to read, receiving a-plenty of ARCs from publishers, have stacks of TBR books waiting--I'm not actually spending as much time reading.

Normally, I read from 6 or 7 at night until 11:00 or even later.  That has not been happening this year.  Instead of settling into my reading chair, I'm more likely to rush upstairs to needle and thread.  My reading time has been hijacked by embroidery.  And I'm keeping up with my sewing/quilting/crafting blog much better than I am with this one.  Cycles.

I have recently finished The Snowman by Jo Nesbo and Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer and need to review them.


  1. I haven't read any of Garriger's novels yet but think I'm in for a treat with Soulles.
    I also like Deborah Crombie a lot. Need to read one again. I think I stopped after three or four.
    Im a cycle perosn too. At the moment I'm reading far less than normally.

  2. Caroline - I really liked the first one in Carriger's series; the satire was light and funny.

    I checked the library yesterday, and they don't have Deborah Crombie's latest, but I'll keep checking.

    Cycles are interesting, aren't they? Cycles in whether or not you are reading and cycles in the kind of books you choose to read. Sometimes the kind you choose to read is deliberate, but sometimes it seems that the subconscious is guiding the choice without you being consciously aware.

  3. I know! I want more Megan Whalen Turner, too. I always check around to see if there are any release dates.

    I am behind in both Carriger and Novik's series...

    I didn't read at all this week... Sad...

  4. Kailana - MWT doesn't turn them out as quickly as many authors, but it is usually worth the wait.

    I had kind of lost interest in both Carriger and Novik, but seeing that they both have new titles revived my interest somewhat.