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Friday, March 30, 2012

Heartless by Gail Carriger (Once Upon a Time)

Heartless is the 4th novel in the Parasol Protectorate series about Alexia Tarrabotti.  I loved the silliness and satire of the first book in the series, but enjoyed the next two much less.  Heartless is definitely an improvement over the last two.

 Minor characters are becoming more interesting to me than Alexia and Conall.  Mr. Floote, the butler, has such aplomb.  Professor Lyall and Lord Akadelma are both intriguing.  Werewolves and vampires and more.

While I did like Heartless better than the two previous books, I still can't say that I felt any where near the pleasure of Soulless, the introductory novel to the series.  The first one was a delight.

The Once Upon a Time Challenge.  My second book for the challenge.

Fiction.  Urban Fantasy.  2011.  374 pages.


  1. I think you've probably hit the nail on the head - Soulless is definitely the winner of this series - but for me I think that was because it was so unique when I first picked it up and so I suppose by book 2,3, etc, it's lost the novelty element. I do love this series though. I just really enjoy Gail Carriger's wit and her use of language - she really is quite a unique individual and very quirky.
    Lynn :D

  2. Lynn - You are exactly right, the novelty of the first was so appealing. I do love Carriger's wit and language, even when the plots don't engage me much. She obviously has so much fun when she writes!

  3. I've only read the first book in this series but I enjoyed it a lot: such fun! I do plan to read on, but perhaps not for this challenge, because there are so many others tempting me right now...

  4. Buried in Print - The first one is just delightful! Carriger has such sly and satirical humor!