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Monday, October 08, 2012

Alarm of War by Kennedy Hudner

Alarm of War   is military science fiction or space opera, and a very good example at that. Reminiscent of David Weber's Honor Harrington series (military tactics are a major part of the story), but without the huge cast of characters that Weber employs,  with fewer sidelines, and with less technical detail -- making the book a faster read, but definitely a satisfying one.

The four main characters are likable , but several minor characters are interesting and avoid being simple stereotypes.  The novel is fast-paced and exciting, the main characters engaging and well-rounded.  These are the kind of characters that you can care about, sympathize with, and cheer on.  While the world building is not as detailed as Weber's Honor Harrington series, the characters are more human--courageous but fallible individuals who make mistakes and take risks that may lead to failure.   

It is a delight to discover another science fiction author that keeps me turning the pages without noticing the time.  Hoping for more of the same from Hudner and this series!

Read on my Kindle.

Fiction.  Science Fiction/Tactical/Space Opera.  2012.  print version 480 pages.

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