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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Aurora: Pegasus by Amanda Bridgeman

I thoroughly enjoyed Aurora: Darwin and was thrilled to receive
Aurora: Pegasus from NetGalley.  Whoa!  Even more action as the Aurora crew is faced with their new mission-- attempting to tie up loose threads (and killers) from the previous mission.  

Quickly drawn in as Captain Saul Harris begins gathering his team, along with new recruits to replace the men lost on Darwin,  I read raced through this one, completely engrossed.  

At first, I was a bit horrified with the decision to use Corporal Carrie Welles as bait.  In Aurora: Darwin, the three women the UNF forced Captain Harris to include in his crew were, without Harris' knowledge, intended as "incubators" in a genetic experiment taking place on Darwin.  Bridgeman's characterization is so good, that my fears for Welles were upsetting...with good cause.

If you decide to read this, begin with Aurora: Darwin; the original mission lays the groundwork for this second mission.

Once again, great characterization and great action.  Now, waiting for the next book is driving me crazy.

My only niggling complaint is the repetition of the word "deadpan."  Other than that, the Aurora novels are in my list of favorite science fiction.

If you like this genre, do look at Bridgeman's series.  Highly recommended.

NetGalley/Momentum Books.

Science Fiction/Action.  Dec. 1, 2013.  Print version:  660 pages. 
 (??? 660 pages?  Can't believe that, I raced through this one, and it never felt long enough!)


  1. Awesome. I want this series now! Thanks!

  2. Kelly - I'm a fan of science fiction, space travel, and action so this series has really appealed to me. Can't wait until NetGalley gets the next one!