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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dead Beautiful by Yvonne Woon

Dead Beautiful is the first in a YA series received from NetGalley in anticipation of the latest addition to the series to be released in January.

Just a few notes:

*The figure on the cover does not match anything from the book.

*Another boarding school setting--all mysterious, yet, heavy on the implications.  Gottfried Academy is not Hogwarts, however.  The teachers and courses are just as weird, but in the Harry Potter realm, you know it is a school for magic.  Most students at the Gottfried Academy do not have any reason to suspect that they are not attending a normal school, yet they adjust, with few qualms, to the strange rules and stranger curriculum.

*Bee-u-tee-ful boy.  Breathtaking. Stunning.  Brilliant.  Great physique.  You know the drill.

*Renee, our heroine, loves to talk.  She spills everything while considering herself discreet.  "I think I'll keep this a secret.  After a tell Annie, and Evelyn, and Nathaniel, there anyone else who will listen?"

*Insta-love.  Well, after the obligatory, "He's so aloof and annoying, but why am I so attracted?"  

*A debut novel...will the next in the series be better?

*I did not hate it, but neither was I impressed or riveted.  Mostly derivative.
I am SO behind in reviews and my reading.  Yesterday, I did get my iPad back, but I'm loving my Kindle Fire HDX (although I'm just using it as a reader and haven't even attempted anything else, as I try to catch up on my reading).

NetGalley/Disney Hyperion

YA/Paranormal.  2010.  Print version:  465 pages.


  1. Man, people need to break the mould and do something different...

  2. I think sometimes authors think I could write that and just try to copy what has worked. Hopefully as they continue to write they rely more on their own imaginations and they'll probably be surprised with what they produce!

    I'm very behind on reviewing too. Ah well, sometimes that's how it goes.