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Saturday, January 18, 2014


*  Martha Grimes has written a new Richard Jury book!  The title Vertigo 42 comes from a bar instead of a pub this time.  Thank you, NetGalley!

*  Hidden pictures!  You may have seen this on Facebook, but so cool!  More here.

*  Finished two books about soul mates and reincarnation.  I'm not much into soul mates.  Fee and I are soul mates by default; no one else could put up with either of us.

*  Tomorrow we leave for Baton Rouge.  Erin's surgery is scheduled for early Monday morning.  I will be there for a while.


*  Have a couple of books in progress and some NetGalley e-books to keep me busy in B.R.   Reading The Hatch and Brood of Time by Ellen Larson (another title cadged from Shakespeare)and The Paper Sword by Robert Priest, a YA fantasy.  Both are pretty good so far.  Then I'll indulge in the new Richard Jury by Martha Grimes and Dominion, a new C.J. Sansom novel.


  1. I love those book images - gorgeous! I hope your week is going to be better than it sounds. ;-(

  2. Sounds like your reading is going right along. Good luck with everything in Baton Rouge.

  3. Very cool picture on the edge of the book. I hope everything in Baton Rouge goes well.

  4. My husband and I say that about each other all the time. No one else would put up with us. :-)

    I am glad you are enjoying your reading right now.

  5. Hope all goes well in B.R.!

    Love the book paintings. I haven't read Martha Grimes in ages. Need to catch up with her series.