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Saturday, November 08, 2014

The Griever's Mark by Katherine Hurley

The Griever's Mark  is a YA fantasy novel.                  

Book description:    Before Astarti’s mother abandoned her to the deadly ocean tides, she gave her infant daughter a parting gift: a tattoo known as the Griever’s Mark, meant to carry her into death. But before the tide could claim her, the Earthmaker Belos, cast out by his people for his cruelty and for delving into forbidden magic, found and saved her. At least, that’s his story. 

For seventeen years, Astarti has served Belos, using her control of the energy world, known as the Drift, to help Belos gain power throughout the kingdom of Kelda. Though she hates her master, the Leash he has anchored deep within her makes defiance impossible. 

But when Logan, a handsome Earthmaker with his own reasons to hate Belos, recognizes that Astarti may be more than she seems, Astarti begins to unravel Belos’s lies: about her Mark, about her parents, and, most importantly, about her power. Astarti also discovers that Belos’s plans are bigger and more terrible than anyone has guessed, and she must decide: how much will she risk to stand against him?          
What I liked:  there were some new aspects in the use of magic and in the world Hurley created.  

This YA fantasy follows pretty predictably in the YA romance mode.  It should appeal to its target audience, and yet, I don't feel any great compulsion to continue the series.  

Read in Oct.; review scheduled for ??


YA/Fantasy.  Nov. 11, 2014.  print length:  333 pages.


  1. This is an interesting premise. I am looking for good YA fantasies to read with my son. I think he would be bored with the romance, though.

  2. :) There is plenty of excitement, but I was kind of bored with the romance, too.

  3. That's an interesting premise. I like a good action plot and romance in YA fantasy. :)

  4. It was OK, but I doubt I'll follow the series unless NetGalley continues to offer them for free.

  5. I like the cover, but I can't say the synopsis makes me want to rush out and read it, nor your review. It sounds like it has some good things going for it though.

  6. I did like the magical twist, but overall, it wasn't what I was looking for.