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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Book Lover Emojis

These are just spot on!  Book Lover Emojis--I want them all.

The "I stayed up all night reading!" emoji.

And you need to check the
"No Spoilers" and "Cliffhanger" versions!


  1. Those are favorite is the "do not disturb, I'm reading" one. I have a tee-shirt from Murder by the Book with the quote on it, "Go to hell. I'm reading." Can't tell you how much my wife HATES that shirt.

    1. The emojis are clever little buggers. :) Living with a bibliophile can test the patience of a spouse!

  2. Those are awesome. LOL Right now I need the "I'd rather be reading" one.

  3. Those are awesome! Apple will be releasing a bunch of new emojis later this year they should totally include these too but I don't suppose they will.