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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Deceptions and The Rising Dark Trilogy

Deceptions (Cainsville #3)

When the ARC of Deceptions arrived in the mail, I was thrilled.  I loved Omens.  But...Visions, not so much.  Deceptions, well, beginning to feel a little stretched. The books should be read in order, but I liked books #2 and #3 much less than the first one.


*Love triangle with Gabriel, Ricky, and Olivia continues
*Repetition of ancient myth (fate? reversal of fate?)
*More magical elements with the Fae and the Wild Hunt
*Some advancement (not always positive) in Olivia's relationship and knowledge of her birth parents

Omens was great fun with plenty of suspense, but the next two books have taken a different direction that doesn't have me turning the pages with the same excitement and anticipation.  In fact, it feels as if things are being intentionally drawn out--rather than developed, and strangely lacking in focus.

While not a fan of the love triangle, I don't mind a little tension building between two rivals.  Liv, however, prefers Gabriel and sleeps with Ricky.  Often.  And often in public settings.  Not the kind of tension I mean and not a positive element for me.  

Ricky is handsome, has a big bike (!), and although the heir apparent to a motorcycle gang, is gentle. thoughtful, intelligent, and working on his college degree.  Oh, the irony.  He is also willing to accommodate Liv in the airport, an alley, and a public park.  Such an admirable fellow, despite the illegal machinations involved in the motorcycle gang business and being used as a boy toy.   Liv's libido is awesome.  If you like that sort of thing.

Will I read the next one?  Of course, I will.  And by the way, I've looked at some other early reviews of Deceptions, and they are pretty positive.  Take my attitude with a grain of salt; others have contended that this is the best so far.  

ARC - Read in July.   Blog post scheduled for ?

Supernatural Mystery.  Aug. 18, 2015.  464 pages.

I read and reviewed Armstrong's Darkest Powers YA trilogy after reading Omens (Cainesville #1) in 2013.  After reading Deceptions (Cainesville #3), I decided to read the Darkness Rising books.

Darkness Rising Trilogy

  Set in a small research-town in Canada, the books focus on Maya Delaney and her friends.  A year previously, one of Maya's two best friends drowned, and Maya and Daniel, her other best friend, are recovering but still marked by the loss. 

Once again, the first in the series gets some interesting characters going, creates a detailed world in the small community, and establishes the basis for paranormal events.  Fast-paced and fun.

The second and third books keep things going by using the danger/escape technique over and over.  The connection to the Darkest Powers trilogy is well-established, but neither group is aware of the other.  

It is, basically, the Darkest Powers situation with a different location and different kids, but the same purpose of experimenting on the kids to develop supernatural powers.  There is a power struggle between the companies funding the research, some corporate/scientific espionage, and the efforts of each of the two cabals to control their "investments."

Truth?  I enjoyed both trilogies; they are light reading, but fun.  Both trilogies have the similar elements and the same structure, and lose something by the third book, but they are pure escapism.  Armstrong has likable characters, and that alone makes following worthwhile.

Read in July.  Blog post scheduled for Sept. ?



  1. I've the first two books of the Cainsville series. Deceptions felt like a bit let down after reading your review but I shall see how this series goes for me (don't even know when I'd read them, though. Haha.)

    1. I enjoyed the first one, but they did go downhill for me. :\

    2. It's a shame the series didn't hold up.

    3. I found them all readable, but the first one caught my interest, then took things in a different direction from what I expected. Ah, well. I'll still read the next one. :)

  2. The Kelley Armstrong books sound fun! They sound like perfect vacation reading -- if only I had one coming up. :p

    1. They do make perfect vacation reading--or escapism at any time. :) I particularly enjoyed both of the YA series. While I really liked the first book in Armstrong's adult series, I haven't found the next books as much fun.

  3. The Kelley Armstrong books sound really fun!