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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Intasar's Give Away and Two Reviews

Attention school librarians:  Intasar Khanani is having a give-away for high school libraries.  She is offering five sets of books (Thorne & Sunbolt),  Both are excellent, and I have reviewed them here  and here.  

The give-away is only for high school librarians who will be able to share the books with students.  If you are a high school librarian, you can enter here: Library Love Giveaway.


French Rhapsody  (translated by Emily Boyce) is the third book I've read by Antoine Laurain.  I loved The President's Hat and enjoyed The Red Notebook.   

I thought I was going to love this one as well, but alas, not so.  It started out so well, but around half way I felt like I was plodding through it.  The premise is excellent and I enjoyed much of the first half of the book, but then...I started skimming certain sections (too much about Lapelle and the Bubble and Vaughn).  I was still interested in JBM, but  the other characters--not so much.

NetGalley/Gallic Books

Satire.  Oct. 11, 2016.  Print length:  232 pages.

The Moth Catcher by Ann Cleeves has D.I. Vera Stanhope and associates (D.S. Joe Ashworth and D.C. Holly Lawson) investigate first one murder...and then another.  What connects the two victims in a way that merits murder?

As usual, Cleeves makes great use of secondary characters. This ability to bring the secondary characters to life is what, for me at least, separates Cleeves' novels from many others in the same genre.  

A community of retirees, all with secrets, provide Vera with the opportunity to satisfy both her own innate curiosity and to unravel the circumstances behind the two related murders. Vera, unlike Joe and Holly, loves to observe people, to indulge her inquisitive nature; her ability to sit down and talk to people on a personal level often yields just the information she needs to put the puzzle together.

Vera, unattractive and overweight, is a fascinating character who makes nosiness an art form.  I thought there were too many disagreeable descriptions of Vera in this installment, but otherwise, another fine addition to the series.

NetGalley/St. Martin's Press

Police Procedural.  Oct. 4, 2016.  Print length:  400 pages.

I'm still having great fun with my snail mail.  Have been creating some autumn/Halloween envelopes and making a huge mess in my studio.  October will see quite a few Halloween letters and postcards going out.  And each day, I look forward to seeing what might be in my mailbox!


  1. Kudos to the above author for making school donations, yay! I hope many librarians see this and take her up on her offer. I downloaded & started part of Sunbolt book one, but never finished it. Great writing but not sure it's in my wheelhouse. Maybe I should give it another shot.

    I always say I'm going to give the Vera Stanhope series a try but then forget to pursue it. I did read the first in the Shetland Island series she writes and it was a good one.

    1. It is a generous gesture, and I really enjoyed both books. It would be nice if more authors made donations to school libraries. :)

  2. I've only read books from Ann Cleeves other series, the one that starts with Raven Black. Those are really good. I need to check out this one too. And, what a great giveaway for school librarians. Looking forward to seeing your Halloween/Fall mail creations!

    1. I read Raven Black in the Shetland Island series and always planned to read more, but have not done so. I need to catch up on those!

  3. I love the cover of French Rhapsody. Look very 80s to me, and I love that time era.

    I see there's a mail on its way to me. :) Can't wait to receive it! As always, love seeing your mail arts. Have posted a postcard to you.

    1. I love the covers on all of his books! I was really sorry that this one didn't appeal to me since I really enjoyed the other two I've read. :) My mailbox will be happy when your postcard arrives.