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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Broken Veil (Harbinger Series) by Jeff Wheeler

Jeff Wheeler excels at world-building and character development and in his various related series has created some complex, layered, and engrossing plots.  Despite the fantasy genre, the plots are those that we understand perfectly as human behavior, both positive and negative.  People with good intentions make mistakes; people who crave power and dominance  are willing to do violence in order to control others--real world problems set in make-believe worlds.

My favorite series is the Kingfountain series, but I've enjoyed the Harbinger series as well.  In Broken Veil, the fifth Harbinger book, Wheeler wraps up the series in a tense and exciting finale.

Cettie of the Fells and Sera Fitzempress  have evolved as they played their parts in the battles between Kingfountain and Harbinger.  Their roles in this story may be finished, but because Wheeler keeps connections between all of his worlds, characters often appear in other books.  One of my favorite Kingfountain characters (from a previous era) makes an appearance in Broken Veil

If you enjoy thrilling, imaginative, and visual worlds  try one of Jeff Wheeler's several series!  

You can get a look at Kingfountain here and Harbinger here.

Read in April, blog review scheduled for May 26.

NetGalley/47 North
Fantasy.  June 11, 2019.  Print length:  346 pages.


  1. Good Fantasy (and Sci-Fi too) always should reflect on and give insight to fundamental questions about human nature I think. Sometimes be taking it out of a "normal" context, we can better understand it. Both series sound really good!

    1. It does seem like taking normal problems and putting them in another context allows us to see things differently. I've enjoyed Jeff Wheeler's characters in both of the series I've read, and his plots are character driven. :)