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Tuesday, April 05, 2022

Woman Eating by Claire Kohda


Lydia or Lyd has been keeping the lid on emotions her entire life: on her condition, her relationship with her mother, her loneliness, and her hunger.  

Having just graduated from art school, Lyd has an internship at a prestigious art gallery and has just placed her mother in a home for dementia patients.  She feels as if her life is finally beginning, but she is not prepared for the hunger as her normal food source is much harder to acquire.  

She rents a studio, meets other young people, and Ben, the friendly manager of the studio spaces, and struggles with her desire to fit in and overcome the sense of shame instilled in her by her mother. The internship is not at all what she expected--more an unpaid assistant than a learning experience.

She distracts herself with videos of women eating, cooking, and discussing food or with Buffy, the Vampire episodes. 

Lydia is hungry.  Always.  But if you are looking for a "vampire" book, you will be disappointed.  Woman Eating is psychological and allegorical, an intriguing anomaly with multiple themes. 

Read in Oct. 2021. Review scheduled for April 5, 2022.

 NetGalley.  April 15, 2022.  Print length:  240 pages.


  1. She distracts herself with episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? That's hilarious! Though I'm still not sure I'd like this one.

  2. Yeah, I wondered where that was going. I was thinking, "Vampire?" I'm glad to see it wasn't anything so formulaic.

  3. Hmm... not my usual go-to reads but it sounds kind of interesting.

  4. Oh no vampires ?! Too bad ... the book cover is quite fetching. I hope she finds some kind of happiness?