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Friday, October 13, 2006

Referrals and recs

From checking other reading blogs, I've made a long list of books I would like to read. Here are some of them:

Frances Burney's Journals and Letters - Of Books and Bicycles
Angela Carter's The Magic Toy Shop - Aurora's Books
The China Garden by Liz Berry - Booklogged (Cheya didn't give it the highest marks, but I still want to read it- has a mythological bent)
Sixty Lights by Gail Jones - Reading Matters
Buzzbee's The Yellow-Lighted Book Shop - A Work in Progress

Currently reading:


  1. I read "Wild Swans" ages ago but it impacted me so much I still have vivid recollections of the story -ahhh, those were the days when I could read big books like that and not feel intimidated by the length!

    How are you enjoying "Falling in Love with Natassia"?

  2. I haven't gotten very far, but I am enjoying it. Mary is a dancer with a dancer's awarement of body and movement; Ross is a man who can wield words with grace and skill. Natassia, the daughter, has just been conceived.

    Almost through with the Reichs' book. I can tell Wild Swans will be a longer read, but a fascinating one. Jung Chang does an excellent job of making everything-individuals,setting, culture-vivid.

  3. Just spent a bit of time learning about Kathy Reichs. has a video interview with her that increased my interest in her novels. Then tracked down her website and found a list of her series in order. Thanks, Jenclair for introducing her to me. I think I'm really going to enjoy these.

  4. I think I read most of Wild Swans back in '98. Very powerful book!

    I read (and reviewed) The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop in August. I thought it was quite good and enjoyed reminiscing about my days as a bookseller. You can read my thoughts at

  5. Booklogged This one is a bit different from her others. Some I've liked, some I haven't.

    Les - Your link didn't work, but I found it by searching the blog. Here is a link to Lesley's Review. I can't wait to read it!

  6. Jenclair, can you tell me how to put a link into a comment like you did with Lesley's?

  7. :) It is difficult to believe that I can give a computer tip!

    Ooops. Tried to type it out, and it made a link!

    Try Webmonkey's Cheat Sheet and look under Link and "Creates a hyperlink."

    Lots of other tips on this site, and a color code in the side bar.

    Hope this helps!

  8. I love getting recommendations from other bloggers. I've gotten a number of good ones from this place -- thanks!

  9. Dorothy - I've really enjoyed your posts about Frances Burney's journal!

  10. I've also looked at Kathy Reich's books and added them to 'the list' Thanks for stopping by my blog. Can I add you to my links list?

  11. Suziq - Enjoyed the visit! Sure, I'd be honored to be on your link list. Hope you enjoy the Reich's novels.

  12. That's the problem with all these other book blogs - too many book ideas!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. We always love new members, so if you are interested get a copy of The
    Thirteenth Tale and join us!

  13. Stephanie - I've been waiting for a copy of The Thirteenth Tale at the library, but may have to break down and get my own copy!