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Monday, October 16, 2006

How Important Is Your Library?

How important is your library? I found this link (where? sorry, I'm not sure where I found it) that lets you calculate your library's worth to you. Based on an average of 10 books per month, mine came to $150 - I suppose if you were paying to "rent" them during the course of a year. But to buy? My gosh, as I've told my husband and the librarians over and over - especially when paying a fine - the library is PRICELESS. So far this year, I've read 118 books...most of them from the library.

Finished Cross Bones. I liked the archaeological parts. Temperance Brennan and Ryan end up in Jerusalem trying to solve the mystery of bones found on Masada. Much of the book is based on facts about the Masada excavation - with a mystery created around an archaeological mystery. Has some DaVinci Code overtones, but although Reichs' interpretation is fiction, the dig (1963-1965 by Israeli archaeologist Yigael Yadin on Masada) and some other strange coincidences really occurred. The facts may be more interesting than the fiction.


  1. That library link was interesting. My family's library use was $168. I suspect if I lived in a bigger city it may be higher because I would attend seminars.

    I haven't yet read Kathy Reich, but I watched her interview of This series sounds like one I could really get into.

  2. Interesting link. I am more astounded that you have read 118 books so far this year. Do you have some way you read while you sleep? If so, please reveal your secret!

  3. Mine came to $155, but I already knew my library systems were priceless to me. I'm lucky enough to live in one county and work in another so I have access to both systems and they are both quite extensive.

  4. $ 2044.00 for me! Then again, I work at my local library and host all the adult programs, while taking advantage of them as a patron, so that really ups my numbers. Adding that to my average of 20-25 interlibrary loans per month, etc., etc. and my library is very valuable indeed!

  5. Booklogged - My use is restricted to checking out books, but I wish our library did have seminars. Some libraries have wonderful programs.

    Stefanie - I can sit down at 5:30 or 6:00 and read for 4-6 hours straight, and I tuck in short periods during the day. Obsessive. :)

    SuziQ - Working two library systems! Way to go, SuziQ!

    Lisa - I declare you the winner! Employee and patron, host and guest, interlibrary loans to boot.

    Truly, the library is something I've been grateful for since I was in the 4th grade. Public libraries are a blessing. What if we had to pay for all the books we read? I would have read a good deal less over the years...

  6. For me the *idea* of the public library is important. I go through spurts where I use it and don't use it depending on how much control I have over my desire to acquire. I just love owning books and that keeps me from using the library as much as I should. I do always enjoy visiting them when I go, however, as they are wonderful places. One of my uberlist goals for next year is to significantly increase my library usage.

  7. I'm very much into *owning* books (which is slightly odd as I'm not otherwise particularly materialistic) but I use the library for research (the Internet can only supply so much, and not always in the required depth), but we take our two children every Saturday morning to choose a new selection of books, and I'm glad to have got them into the book habit! I might not borrow a great many books now, but in the past it was absolutely fundamental in forming my tastes. I owe my library a very great deal! Helen

  8. Carl and Helen - I have bookcases full and boxes in storage, so I'm not completely free of the "owning obsession," :\ but I do purchase many fewer these days and could never afford my habit without the benefits of "my" library. :)