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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Piles of Books

Found this link on The Laughing Librarian and thought you would enjoy the many, many piles of books. I took a quick look, but will go back later and look for familiar names. Have any of you contributed pictures of your piles of books to this site?
I found this picture of my reading companion Mac in my "reading chair" with its required pile of books from last winter.


  1. how fun.. i'll have to browse a little more thoroughly too.

  2. Mac is an adorable reading companion!

  3. Angela - :) Who says books are going out of style?

    Stefanie - Mac is a the most warm and cuddly of reading companions! He loves his place in the reading chair.

  4. Oh, Jenclair, the picture perfect place for reading - a beautiful, yet comfortable chair, stacks of books, knitted warmth, quilted comfy, the soft glow of light and little Mac. I love it!

  5. booklogged - Comfortable, yes. Beautiful, no. I took the recliner away from my husband about 10 years ago with the intention of throwing it out, but somehow.... Anyway, ratty as the old thing is, it fits me perfectly, and you know how hard it is to get the perfect chair-fit. But Mac, now, he is the perfect fit between the chair arm and my left leg, he settles in, and we are in reading heaven.