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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Two More Quick Mysteries

Finished two quick little mysteries. Michael Connelly's City of Bones, a Harry Bosch mystery, was quick and entertaining.
The other one, Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris, is about a character who "finds dead people." Struck by lightening when she was 15, Harper Connelly developed the ability to locate the dead. She and her step brother Tolliver Lang work for various police departments who have a missing person. Harris handles this pretty well, and I was easily able to "suspend disbelief" and enjoy the story. Very fast read. This was not actually the book I was looking for--Butterfly Books had posted an entry about the Sookie Stackhouse mysteries, but the library didn't have these, so I got the Harper Connelly one instead. Hate the cover and wouldn't have chosen the book if the author had not been on my list, but I did enjoy the book.

It was nice to have two quick and enjoyable bon-bons after the huge, sober, and disturbing books finished this weekend.


  1. I love Charlaine Harris.. Grave Sight was great. And I'm a huge fan of the Southern Vampire Series (Sookie Stackhouse). I've also read her other mystery series. I've enjoyed it all.

  2. Angela- I want to continue the Harper Connelly series, but I do want to get some of the Sookie Stackhouse as well. I think Grave Sight qualifies as an R.I.P. read, don't you?

  3. "light" reading, for lack of a better way to put it is definitely a welcome thing on occasion. And yes, Grave Sight is definitely an R.I.P. book.

  4. Carl - I'm a great lover of the quick and the fun! Before the end of the month, I'm going to post my R.I.P reads (and prospective R.I.P. reads). What a great challenge - Thanks!

  5. Jenclair--You are such a fast reader!! I have seen the Charlaine Harris books--I will have to give one a try. Is this is series? I always like to start from the beginning with mysteries!

  6. Danielle-The Harris book is not long and really flew by. Harris has at least two series, but the Harper Connelly series is a newer one with only two books so far. The first is Grave Surprise, which I will have to go back and pick up since I started with the second one.

    The other series (Sookie Stackhouse- Southern Vampire Series)-I also want to read (in order, if possible). :)

  7. Oh boy, another new author. I like the idea of starting a series that only has 2 books. Not as overwhelming as the Amelia Peabody series I started that has something like 17 books so far, but I do love the 3-4 I've read so far. The library doesn't have the next in that series, so I need to order it.

    Good news, the library has lots of Charlaine Harris' books and both in the Harper Connelly series. I look forward to reading these. Thanks, Jenclair, for the great review.

    I'd like to read that Michael Connelly, too. I really like Harry Bosch.

  8. booklogged- I like Harry, too, but had not read any for a while. This one ends with a kind of new direction, so I'll have to catch up on these, too.

    The Harris book is truly supernatural candy, and I have no will power!