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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Winding down the Halloween Season and Noisy Nora

This is an altered photo of a scene in a very ordinary cemetery that I took not long ago. The original is a mundane photo of old monuments, but this version came out pretty spooky. Suits the season.

I'm currently reading Beneath the Skin by Nicci French. Suspense! I'm completely involved with the characters, but the suspense is intense. I wasn't familiar with Nicci French and found the recommendation at Reading Matters in her Favorite Beach Reads post.

I've also been reminded of a book that my children loved (and one of those special books that adults love reading to children every bit as much as the children love the book). Noisy Nora is an excellent book for young children. Thanks, Jay.


  1. Nice photo! I was just passing a cemetery the other day and thought I should go there sometime to take photos. It has lots of turn of the century tombstones/statues that would make lovely photos. This photo you've done is lovely.

  2. Thanks, Lisa. The altered version does look spooky, but I assure you, the original did not. :)