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Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Society of S

Hubbard, Susan. The Society of S.

Another RIP Challenge read and another good vampire yarn. I really enjoyed the mystery of this vampire story and the bildungsroman aspect of Arielle's "apprenticeship."

Twelve-year-old Arielle Montero spends most of her life secluded from society and home schooled by her overprotective scientist father.

Ari's father has been protective for a reason, however, as she is the product of a "mixed" marriage: her father is a vampire, her mother was human before she disappeared when Ari was born. Her father has made every attempt to keep her safe and "normal" until she is old enough to learn some hard truths.

Eventually, Ari does begin learning about her parents, details that have been kept from her, but she also has a great deal to learn about herself as well. Her journey to adulthood is more complicated than most.

This is not a blood and gore or a sensual vampire story, but a story of a young woman who must learn to understand the past, her own particular heritage, more than one culture, and who must make some difficult decisions.

Gothic,mysterious, and intriguing.

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Fiction. Supernatural/Vampire. 2007. 304 pages.


  1. I've heard the title of this book around but I didn't realize it was a vampire book. I don't usually like many of the vampire books, but this one sounds different. I may have to check this one out. Thanks for the review.

  2. Lisa - I do enjoy vampire books, especially when Carl's RIP Challenge rolls around, but I don't want gore or too much, uh, sex.

  3. Vampire stories are not for me, but maybe I could manage this one - I don't like gore or too much sex in books either.

  4. Great review. I just reviewed this myself, and I love vampire novels...but it was nice to see one that was quite different then the norm.


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  5. booksplease - This is a very mild and slightly unusual vampire story. My favorite vampire books are Bram Stoker's Dracula and The Historian.

    mag - Will check your review - thanks!