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Friday, October 10, 2008


Lynds, Gayle. Mesmerized. A fast-paced espionage thriller with the kicker of a bad ticker. Hot-shot attorney Beth Convey has a heart transplant and finds herself craving strange foods, having weird dreams in Russian, and developing an unusual awareness of her surroundings.

Jeff Hammond, former FBI agent, current journalist with a Washington newspaper is on the trail of three Russian defectors he helped debrief.

A defector with a plan for terrorism, a mole in the FBI, murder and mayhem, cellular memory.

O.K. Not Ludlum.

Fiction. Spy Thriller. 2001. 451 pages.


  1. I have another of this author's book on my TBR shelf. A Faithful Spy, I think it's called? Is this her new one?

  2. LF - I don't know. This was a first experience with Lynds. I'd like to hear what you think when you get around to it.