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Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Crystal Skull

Scott, Manda. The Crystal Skull. A mystery that involves history, myth, and prophecy. When newly-weds Stella and Kit discover the crystal skull, history and prophecy collide. Kit is severely injured in a fall and the blue heart-stone begins to form a connection with Stella, giving warnings when danger threatens.

The story alternates between modern day Cambridge, Kit and Stella -- and the 16th century and Cedric Owens, whose connections with John Dee and Nostradamus help him discover more about himself and the heart-stone, the crystal skull.

Much of the premise of the book is based on the Mayan Calendar, the date 2012, and predictions of the end of the world. Google 2012 and you will discover quite a few links discussing and refuting the importance of the date.

The movie 2012 with John Cusack, Amanda Peet, and Danny Glover is also based on the "end of the world" scenario. I haven't seen it, just found it when Googling the date. Evidently Apocalypto (didn't see this either) is also concerned with the Mayan Calendar. This USA Today article also addresses the subject. And another book on the subject -- The Crystal Skulls by Chris Morton.

Silly me. I had no idea the world was going to end in 2012 (better get busy) and was totally unaware of all the hoopla connected to the date. I am so out-of-it! There is even an online game!

Fiction. Mystery. 2008. 365 pages.


  1. That's fascinating, I hadn't heard of that either. I'll definitely be wanting to see the film though if Cusack is in it, he's a fave.

  2. Sounds cool and I am also a John Cusack fan. I like books that mix history and myth together with a little mystery. Will add it my list.

  3. Carl - Yeah, I'm a Cusack fan, too. And love Amanda Peet!

    Rhinoa - The idea behind the book turned out to be more interesting than the book itself!

  4. There definitely does seem to be a lot of films books etc about this. In terms of the book I have read all of Manda Scott's Boudica books and loved them, but I was a little disappointed in this one!

  5. marg - I may try the Boudica books, but I wasn't much impressed with this one, either. Still, I found all of the prophecy stuff pretty amazing...could not believe all the links on the subject.