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Friday, October 10, 2008

Dark Celebration

Feehan, Christine. Dark Celebration. Feehan has written a number of Carpathian novels about different Carpathian families, but I have not read any others. Carpathians are evidently a form of vampire, but the good kind. You know, lots of powers and sensuality, but not that nasty, evil-vampire-type.

This book is a reunion of sorts and thus unites many families that have books to themselves. As a result, for a new reader, it involves Prince Mikhail visiting all of the other families to provide an introduction. Gets monotonous, even when you like the characters.

All of the Carpathians introduced have charming aspects, all couples are deeply in love, all have powers such as mind reading, shape-shifting, etc. Oh, and are highly sexually active, but only with their lifemates. Definitely not promiscuous because they are all deeply in love. Fortunate, but still too much of that kind of thing. As usual, I prefer the action to the romance/sex.

The evil characters are the real vampires and one or two mages. All kinds of other complications are also in play.

This is definitely not the book to begin this series--too many families are there for the reunion. I believe Dark Prince is the first one.

Fiction. Supernatural/Vampire. 2006. 301 pages + addendum information and some delicious recipes.


  1. I've wondered about this series but haven't tried it. Hmm, I don't mind the romance part but not if it seems like that's the only thing... I'll have to look for the first one and check it out.

  2. iliana - It may be more of a problem because of all of the couples being united (a problem with the novel as a whole for a new reader). So...each couple has to get a little intro and each one must demonstrate their deep love :P and sexuality. The other books probably have more action and less back story and sex. Or not... :)

  3. I have the first book to read before the end of the year and am looking forward to it. WIll let you know when my review is up if you like.

  4. Rhinoa - Please do! I think Dark Celebration would be loved by readers who had more knowledge of the families and their backgrounds, but it was a bit much for a new reader. I may look for the Dark Prince myself (oh, that never-ending TBR list!), but want to hear your take on the series!

  5. I've read the entire series so far. I started with one and then discovered it was a series. Found the first one and worked my way forward to the most current one. I think the earlier works were stronger but the series, as a whole, is still worth reading.

  6. Annie - Encouraging to hear that you have read and enjoyed the entire series and enjoyed it!