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Monday, January 05, 2009

Tuesday Titles

I've been finding so many excellent nonfiction titles that I'm having to give myself a little speech about glutton and book lust!

Here are some that I've written down lately:

The Girl from Foreign - recommended by Lotus
Galileo's Daughter & Death by Black Hole - on Stefanie's list
Faust in Copenhagen & The Ancient Tea Horse Road & Fatal Passage- Melanie's blog
The Last Stand of Fox Company - over at Colleen's

There is also a long list of fiction. My reach so far "exceeds my grasp"!


  1. Book Gluttony and I have a long history. I can relate. In fact, I just sent out 8 books via PBS, but unfortunately really needed to swap some simply because my point level was getting low. Again.

  2. But what's a Heaven for? Book Heaven, that is!

  3. bookfool - :) Is there no hope for us?

    Bybee - Ah, yes, Browning understood, didn't he? Shelves and shelves of book heaven.

  4. Galileo's Daughter is a wonderful book. A mutual attachment to it birthed a friendship several years ago that is one of my most special, so it really has a cherished place in my heart.

  5. Carl - Picked this one up at the library yesterday, and I'm already hooked!