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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mind the Gap

Golden, Christoper, and Tim Lebbon. Mind the Gap: A Novel of the Hidden Cities.

I liked the title and knew that Christoper Golden had been a co-author with Mike Mignola on Baltimore,: Or, the Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire. (And yes, I do wonder whose idea it was to include the commas in the title.) Anyway, Baltimore was weird, but original and interesting.

Mind the Gap began fast and furious, but lost steam and characters along the way.

Jazz Town escapes into the vast system of abandoned tunnels in the London Underground after discovering her mother's murder. The "uncles" are busy searching for Jazz, as she finds a kind of sanctuary when she joins a Fagin-like group of thieves under the city. Oh, Harry wasn't really like Fagin, but the idea was certainly there.

Ghosts, magicians, magic are part of the mixture. Although there were places where I would become interested again, each was followed by an incident that seemed just plain silly. I'm willing "to suspend disbelief" but the author(s) need to help! The conclusion? Well...what conclusion?

Fiction. Fantasy? 2008. 368 pages.


  1. Disappointing! The cover is a real grabber and so is the idea, but I think I'll skip this one.

  2. bookfool- It certainly wasn't my cup of tea. :/

  3. That's too bad. It sounds like an interesting premise. I'm sorry it didn't quite hold up in the end.

  4. LF - If it had held up to the tension in the beginning...!