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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Friday Fun

Interesting that as I'm reading Galileo's Daughter (which is really about Galileo) and having read in the last day or so the chapter about Galileo's discovery and drawings of sun spots, this correction needs to be made. Galileo was not the first to do so; British astronomer Thomas Harriot made a moon map that predated Galileo's by a few months. Article here. Harriot never published his drawings, however.

Also reading Know It All: The Little Book of Essential Knowledge (an ARC sent by Anna some time back, which I just recently rediscovered) and have been reading about sun spots, planets, stars, comets to accompany Galileo's theories. The first chapter is Exploring the Universe, which I've just finished. So much stuff that I can parrot, but not understand. The book covers just the basics (much of the stuff we had in school), and much is still over my head.

The next chapter, however, The Story of the Earth, will make more sense to me...I hope! Then on to the rest of the 9 chapters which include invention & discovery, exploration, religion, art, etc.

AND... because I needed something light and more in tune with my normal interests--Nick Hornsby's Polysyllabic Spree. Yes, I know, everyone else has read it and loved it! It has been on my list forever, but now it is mine, and I love it! Joining the throng of fans who have so enthusiastically recommended this book, I stand humbled by my delay.

Someone recently posted a review of Shakespeare Wrote for Money by Hornsby, but I can't find my note to give credit to the blog. The review was, of course, positive. Another one to look forward to reading!

Then yesterday's mail brought a wonderful surprise! A blogging friend sent me her copy of Amagansett. It was totally unexpected, and I am totally grateful because for some reason my library didn't have this one either. Of all the books I had on my list, I was able to find only three. It must have been checked out, as were several of the others. Anyway, my thanks to Debby for sharing the goods and providing that ultimate mail experience!


  1. Twas me! I can't wait to see what you think of the Spree :D

  2. I am hopefully going to read Nick Hornby in the not too distant future.

  3. Amagansett! I hope I get around to that one soon...

  4. I really enjoyed The Polysyllabic Spree too. I added the next one to my list but hadn't noticed Shakespeare yet.

  5. Nymeth - I knew it was someone I visit frequently, but couldn't find my slip (with a bunch of other books I'd written down as I browsed the book blogs) and couldn't remember where I'd seen it!

    I'm loving Spree!

    Kailana - He is so funny; have a hard time putting it down, and it reads so fast. I'm trying to savor it, but...

    Lexi - Wasn't that a nice surprise? The book I couldn't find at the library just turned up!

    Lisa - Oh, I'm definitely a fan now and will read everything I can find!

  6. I was going to say I thought it was Nymeth and there she is, confessing. LOL

    I loved The Polysyllabic Spree and have Shakespeare Wrote for Money on my wish list, for the same reason (Nymeth is dangerous). Hornby is awesome. Have fun reading!

  7. I haven't yet read Polysyllabic Spree yet but am really looking forward to it.

  8. All four of these books are going on my list. Are you enjoying Galileo's Daughter? It's been on my radar for awhile. And Know It All sounds very interesting, too.

    I must be the only one who hasn't heard of Nick Hornby. From the discussion here I can see that I better try this one. Such a thoughtful thing for Debby to do. Receiving a book in the mail is always a delight, but for it to be an unsuspected gift is even more wonderful.

  9. Bookfool - Nymeth IS dangerous and Hornby IS awesome!

    LF - You will love his wry humor and his attitude toward books!

    Booklogged - Both books are interesting, but Gaileo's Daughter is a moving look at the relationship between Galileo and Maria Celeste and his troubles with the Inquisition and the Pope.

    Debby is super...and not just for sending me a book!

  10. Yay for Nick Hornsby! Know It All sounds like fun. Looking forward to hearing more about it.

  11. I must read the Plysyllabic Spree - I have the book, it's just hidden among a bunch of other unread books! :)

    Oh and forgot to say, have a good time in the country :)

  12. Stefanie - Is he not fun? Know It All is a little dry, but definitely informative!

    Iliana - Yes, you absolutely must read it! You will enjoy it so much!