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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Art and Nature

I've been busy experimenting with wet felting (results are on Bayou Quilts) and having a lot of fun as I learn.

Here is an idea I like: Leave Behind Some Art -- in the landscape. Unfortunately, our area is not really suitable for finding so many lovely, large rocks, but it would be such fun, so Goldsworthy. Check out Andy Goldsworthy: A Collaboration with Nature, just one of the books about his art.

In honor of the season, read this Daily Earth Poem. There is a lovely photo with the poem, but I didn't want to use it without permission, so here is a photo I took in the woods down at Raft Bayou last fall. I'm really going to do a review today. I hope. I'm so good at procrastination.


  1. I've paged through thta book at the bookstore. Beuatiful photography. And the art he created with the objects at hand is really amazing.

  2. Fun post :) Very cool felt that you made! I'd never think of doing something like that. You should do something special with it! Those slippers sound nice!

    I love the Leave behind some art idea. Your right...there's not much of Louisiana at all that's suitable for finding large rocks, but the examples are beautiful! I love the cover image for the book.

  3. The wet felting stuff is so neat. I liked the pictures on how to do that. I keep hearing a lot about felted purses and stuff but didn't really have an idea of how they were made. Your little box is so cute!

  4. Stefanie -- I love the idea of leaving some mysterious and beautiful marks on the landscape. Goldsworthy does both.

    Chris -- Thanks, Chris. Lots of fun in felting.

    Goldsworthy is so creative in his nature sculptures, but the rock designs could be simple...if we had any rocks!

    iliana -- I'm going to try a purse or slippers eventually. It really is fun and not difficult at all. I love all the lovely rovings...from wool to silk!

  5. There are so many interesting crafts out there. I have never had the patience to be a crafty person, but I think it is great to see everyones handiwork! My mother is the crafty one, she usually does the crafts that I like and can never find the time to do. haha.

  6. I'm quite sure I saw a movie about his art, and I remember thinking it was wonderful.

  7. Procrastination can be good. It makes us do all those other stuff along the way. My room always ends up neater when I'm procrastinating on things. :P

  8. Nothing wrong with a bit of procrastination! I love the photo you took!

  9. kailana -- :) How nice! It is such a two way street...crafting is more fun if there is someone who enjoys your work.

    Nan -- I'd love to see that movie. I'm going to check documentaries on Netflix!

    Orpheus -- You are so right! When I don't want to do something, I use "displacement activities" and clean house, balance the checkbook, mow the yard. Procrastinate on one thing and catch up on something else.

    Heather -- Thanks! I love the reflection of the tree and all the leaves. This year it has been so dry for so long that there is no water in that little pool.