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Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I love Olivia, star of the children's book of the same name by Ian Falconer. O.K. she has a lot in common with Eloise, my favorite character in the world of children's books, but she is written for younger children and is a delightful pig to know.

This is some of the cute fabric now available from These are only the beginning, and I want them all and don't know what I'd do with half of them.


  1. Good comparison - Olivia and Eloise both look like they're ready to jump off the page, they're so happy.

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  3. Oh yes, isn't Olivia wonderful? I have purchased a few of the books and a set of notecards simply because I love the illustrations so much, and the stories are really entertaining as well.

  4. You are so right! Olivia does favor Eloise! Why didn't I catch that? Would it be right to say pen-and-ink drawings with a hint of red or pink watercolor? I see an article out of this, um, possibly a valentine's theme...

    I knew I liked that pig automactically for some strange reason! :D

  5. bookfool - Right off the page and into your imagination!

    anonymous/samantha - I will look into this. Checked your page, and anything Joss Whedon supports gets my attention. I don't have much time right now, but I will check it out again soon.

    Carl - If you haven't read Eloise, do check her out. Olivia is obviously inspired these books by Kay Thompson; both are charming!

    Maggie - The illustrations in black, red, and pink (Hillary Knight for Eloise) and the imagination and the behavior are all similar, but Olivia is perfect for very young children. Yes, you are right about a great Valentine's theme!

  6. Oh my gosh! What adorable fabric! You are so creative Jenclair, I am sure you will figure out something fantastic to do with them.

  7. I love Olivia, and Eloise, and though I never made the connection before, you're right, they both have the same spunk and spirit! Great fabrics!

  8. Stefanie - I need to figure out what to do with the fabrics before ordering...or wait until I use up some of my stash! My fabric stash is expanding exponentially. :\

    G.R. - The Clarice Bean series is also a take-off on Eloise, but doesn't keep the simple color scheme (and I found the Beans more annoying than charming). Eloise and Olivia, however, I can read over and over again (to a tiny person) without getting bored.

  9. I collect children's book character fabric. "One of these days" I am going to make a quilt with all of the characters I have in fabric. Like you though, I get stuck. What do I buy? The border print and the small print and the character blocks? The white background, the red background? It is inevitable that I will wish I had the small print if I don't get it but never use the borders if I get that one too. I guess, there is always the backing to use all the odds and ends.

  10. camille -- These are only a few of the possibilities on equilter. I chose a few that I liked...but I liked them all! It is hard to make those decisions.

  11. Oh, I love that fabric. I know my daughter would love it too. I've been thinking of making a quilt that incorporates some of her scanned art. Thanks for the link.

    And thanks for visiting my site! I am so impressed with (and jealous of) all the books you read. I just don't seem to have the time to get through my pile.

  12. Wendy -- It Is great fabric, isn't it?

    I love quilts using children's art; they are real treasures!