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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In Progress & In the Stacks

My reading has slowed down. Way down.

I still have one book to review, a couple of books in progress, and a stack of books to read, but I'm working on a small quilt right, playing with several embroidery projects, AND the temperatures are supposed to reach the 70's today, so gardening (well, cleaning up the garden) is also a distraction.

However, the following is the Book Agenda.

In progress:
Jane Austen: A Life by Claire Tomalin (via Of Books and Bicycles)
Yoga as Medicine by Timothy McCall (this one may take a year! )
The Hellfire Conspiracy by Will Thomas (can't remember which blog recommended Will Thomas and the Barker & Llewellyn series)

Library Haul from yesterday (click book for link to Amazon):

I was obviously in the mood for fiction; hope these turn out better than the ones I returned unfinished.

Yesterday's Mail:

Saffron Dreams by Shaila Abdullah arrived yesterday as an ARC. Love the cover and the title; I'm excited about this one.


  1. I agree with you about Saffron Dreams. Looks good.

  2. Jane Austen: A Life is one of my favorite biographies. Claire Tomalin also wrote Samuel Pepys: The Unequalled Self--another really good biography.


  3. I've had my eye on Saffron Dreams. I'll be looking forward to your review!

  4. Great reading line up! I am a fan of the Barker & Llewellyn series and actually have the latest one on my stacks. I need to get to it one of these days.

    Now, I need to go check out the Megan Chance and Elizabeth Corley books... I like those covers.

  5. Saffron Dreams does have a beautiful cover.

    I may have to disappear for a week to clean out the gardens, too. You have to work quickly because pretty soon it will be stinking hot.

  6. The Inconvenient Life book sounds really good. Which unfinished ones did you return?

    Hurray for spring weather! I noticed this evening that green things have started shooting up.

    By the way, I'm sorry you have such a hard time with my security thing. I hate those things, too. Blogger's is the easiest one to read by far.

  7. booklogged - I'm hoping to get to this one soon!

    Kim - I love Pepys and that biography is now on my list! In fact, there are several of Tomalin's biographies on my list. :)

    sassymonkey - It sounds like a book that I will enjoy, and of course, there is that lovely cover! It is difficult to have so many books that you want to read waiting in the stacks.

  8. iliana - Oh, good! You are probably why I put Will Thomas on my list.

    That old conundrum of judging a book by its cover! It can truly make the difference between deciding to check it out or leaving it on the shelf!

    Bookfool - The gardening period here in the South is governed by the heat and humidity, isn't it?

    Lesley - :) I got your word verification first try today! I can't even remember the titles of the ones I returned...but I'll recognize them and leave them alone next time.

  9. I certainly got some good ideas for books to add to my list just from reading this post and the comments. Look forward to your reviews.

  10. Those word verifications drive me nuts. I turned mine off and haven't gotten any spam comments.

    It's great that you're quilting! Maybe you can show us a picture?

  11. Dorothy - I am! I'm taking it slowly, though, and alternating with fiction.

    Framed - I've got to do the reviews. I've finished 3 of the above library books and have a review left to do from the last haul. Some better than others, but in the DNF category.

    Ali - I turn my word verification off every few months and back on when the spam begins again. Some formats are just harder than others.

    I keep most of my crafty entries over at Bayou Quilts - come visit! Haven't take a picture of my quilt in process yet, but will soon.

  12. Hope you enjoy the fiction! :)