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Saturday, February 07, 2009


I've finished several more books, but I'm having trouble making myself write the reviews. The review of Talking to the Dead, which I started to write the other day, just seems to elude me. I write and delete and try again.

The new television show Lie to Me seems to be based on the research about facial expressions that Malcolm Gladwell included in Blink. That particular research was one of the most interesting portions of the book, and it seemed uncanny that right after I'd read the book, the show premiered. You can watch the pilot here. The research of Paul Ekman, the psychologist who has done extensive work in the field, is absorbing and a bit unnerving.


  1. I'm having trouble motivating myself to sit down and work on reviews right now too.

    What an interesting bit of trivia about the TV show Lie to Me!

  2. I started watching the TV episode. I eat that kind of stuff up. Do you know - Is this the first season? I
    usually don't know about a good series until it's been out for several years. Which isn't all bad because I can rent them from Netflix.

    Need to read Blink.

  3. LF - When I catch up with reviews, I always say that I won't let it happen again. Hah!

    booklogged - Yes, I think this is the first season of Lie to Me. I wouldn't have known about it if my husband had said there was a new show that sounded similar to what I'd told him about Ekman's research. When I watched, I was amazed at the thoroughness with which they related research to plot.

  4. Count me in as another one who can't seem to write any reviews lately. I just want to read :)

    Maybe what I need to do is just forget about those reviews that I've been meaning to write and just move on. At this point I may have forgotten all I was planning to say about those books anyway! ha.

  5. iliana - It is so easy to jump into the next book you want to read, isn't it? A bit more difficult when several books jump in line! I do forget some of what I plan to say, and I also lose interest in saying it.