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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dark Moon Defender

Shinn, Sharon. Dark Moon Defender.

The third in Shinn's Twelve Houses series, this book focuses on Justin. I still love the characters and enjoy the basic plot, but feel much the same about this one as I did about the previous one--I prefer having the original 6 and their interaction.

Justin, a King's Rider, is sent to observe any suspicious activity in the convent of the Daughters of the Pale Mother. Although Cammon accompanies him on the trip, his assignment requires Justin to remain in the small village of Neft when Cammon returns to Ghosenhall. Justin is uncomfortable with being separated from his companions (I don't like it either, Justin), but certainly recognizes the importance of keeping an eye on the convent.

Ellynor, a novice, is accosted by a man in the street, and Justin steps in to rescue her. Now, he has a possible contact within the convent, but their friendship develops into something more.

It still (for me, at least) doesn't have the spark of the first book, Mystic & Rider, but was an enjoyable read.

Fiction. Fantasy. 2007. 466 pages.

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