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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was rainy, windy, and cold here, so in spite of going to the cabin, we all ended up staying inside most of the weekend.

As a result, I retreated frequently with my books and got quite a bit of reading done. I've got 4 reviews to catch up on now and am going to pace them out over the next few days.

And there was still lots of time to visit, eat, watch granddaughter Bryce Eleanor play (such a Daddy's girl!), admire the singing duck, eat, dye eggs, play cards, and eat....

I took my camera and forgot my card, which was still in the computer. No picture of Bryce Eleanor in her pink John Deere boots and pink dress, but here are the boots themselves.I'd love a pair!

Hope everyone had a great Easter Weekend!


  1. Did Bryce Eleanor get so excited when she saw those darling boots? What girl wouldn't love a pair?

  2. :) She already had the boots; I took the picture of them the weekend before. I wish I'd been able to get a picture of her in her pink smocked, ultra feminine dress, and her pink boots. Her clothes are so often dainty and feminine, but her personality is like a little bulldozer! Such a contrast!

  3. Love those boots! I'd wouldn't mind a pair like that :)

  4. Stefanie - I'd love a pair, too!

  5. Love the boots! Gives me a smile.

  6. curtissan - They make me smile, too!