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Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Killing Kindness

Hill, Reginald.  A Killing Kindness.

Reprinted by Felony and Mayhem Press, this is #5 in the Dalziel & Pascoe series.  As usual, with Hill's earlier novels in this series, I find it most interesting to observe the development of Hill's style and the evolution of his most familiar characters.  Detective Sergeant Edgar Wield, the third wheel in the triple threat of the Yorkshire Constabulary, is both shockingly ugly and surprisingly lovable.  His character development in this fifth novel is noteworthy as we get a little more insight into his love life.  Wieldy is second only to Fat Andy in my book.

A serial killer, nicknamed The Choker, is targeting women.  To Fat Andy's disgust, the case involves a clairvoyant, a psychologist, and a couple of linguists.  Pascoe, on the other hand, the more modern and liberal half of the team, tries to keep an open mind.

Truthfully, the motivation for the murders wasn't convincing to me, but I enjoyed the novel anyway.

Fiction.  Mystery/Police Procedural.  1980/2009.  277 pages.


  1. This is my next-up D & P. I just could not read A Pinch of Snuff. The story was just too sleazy for me. :<)

  2. Sometimes you make me wish I still read mysteries. I burned out on them so thoroughly, way back when, that I can only tolerate one on rare occasions, but I love your reviews!!!

  3. I think that's one of the reasons I prefer to read series books in order--to see the development of the characters and their relationships over time. I haven't tried any of the books in this series yet. Thanks for your great review, Jenclair. :-)

  4. I love Felony and Mayhem Press! I recently read my first of their books--a Margery Allingham--and enjoyed the story, but loved the way the book was bound.

  5. Wieldy is definitely my favourite character and beautifully cast in the television series.