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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Now & Then

Sheehan, Jacqueline.  Now & Then.

A review copy of a time travel novel.  I love the idea of time travel, but find it a difficult premise to pull off.  The Time Traveler's Wife, which I read right after it was published, kept me interested, but ultimately left me disappointed.   Outlander by Gabaldon enthralled me after a few chapters, mainly because there was a complete story in the past and the characters were much more than a device.  The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers comes highly recommended, and I think I'll look for a library copy.

Back to Now & Then -- nothing really engaged me, and I was put off by the means of time travel and the back stories of the characters... and I suppose, by the characters themselves.  The conclusion may not have been a conclusion, but if there does happen to be a sequel, I don't think I'll bother.

Oh, and the dog on the front?  Could have been a great asset to the story, but Madigan's role was inconsequential and the cover misleading.

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Fiction.  Time Travel/Fantasy.  2009.  384 pages.


  1. I would have picked it up just because it's about time travel and a sweet dog- but now that I know that dog has little part in the story I probably won't bother.

  2. Such a cutie on the cover. A shame Madigan didn't play a bigger role in the book. I am sorry this one wasn't better for you.

    I haven't read too many books that deal with Time Travel, but I do love watching Dr. Who. It's a bit different though, reading versus watching it on TV.

  3. Cute covers seem to be more about selling books than actually pertaining to the book...

  4. jeane - Yep, the doggy cover is definitely misleading!

    LF - I love the name Madigan, but poor Madigan's role was limited.

    Kailana - A cover is important and does influence my interest, but it is annoying when the cover has little to do with the content!

  5. Jenclair,

    I don't know how you put so much into such short reviews. Thank you for that! I think I'll skip this one, although I do love time travel.

    Your comments on the cover remind me that I used to write "cover thoughts" on almost every review and I've gotten away from that. Covers should reflect content, in my humble opinion. I think Kailana's right that many are simply designed to grab people rather than give the potential reader an idea of what the story is about. That's a shame because I don't think the two concepts have to be mutually exclusive, you know?

  6. Ah, that's too bad this one didn't live up to your expectations. I'm not very big on time travel novels but the few I've read I've really liked. Have you ever tried To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis? Very good and funny.

  7. I've seen this on the shelf at work and have been tempted. Thank you for your honest review. I'll save my pennies and wait for something better to come along.

    If you like time travel, you might try to track down a copy of The Mirror by Marylys Millhiser. I read it years ago and thought it was fantastic!

  8. bookfool - I wonder how much influence an author has on the book cover.... A great cover that also reflects content is the ideal, and like you, I don't know why those concepts should be mutually exclusive!

    iliana - :) I loved To Say Nothing of the Dog -- it has been years since I read it, but it is one of those rare books that I'd like to read again! Thanks for the reminder.

    Les - Haven't heard of The Mirror, but will look for it. Thanks for the recommendation, Les!

  9. I enjoy time travel novels, but they must be plausible. Thanks for your honest review.

  10. I hated Time Traveler's Wife, loved Outlander, so the time travel technique isn't a selling point or a detriment to a book's appeal for me, but this one doesn't look or sound all that interesting. We actually have a copy of it here at the library, but I'd never have guessed from the cover that it had anything to do with time travel.

  11. Hazra - I can buy into the concept if the characters and plot appeal to me, but do admit that time travel can be a tricky subject.

    Lesley - :) I agree. It isn't the time travel that sells the book, is it? Ultimately, the author's skill in characterization and plot and in creating a believable world is the key to any novel.