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Sunday, February 27, 2011

This wonderful post about learning courage from fairy tales and books by Jennifer of The Lion's Whiskers reminded me of the importance of reading as both a child and an adult.  (Found via The Drawing Board blog).

Have just a few more reviews to catch up on and a nice stack of ARCs from Algonquin Books to settle into.  I limited my library books this week because I have so many books already in the stacks.

I had so much fun decorating for Valentine's Day this year that I've been working on St. Patrick's Day.  First, I went through all my green depression glass and other items, then I started crafting.  So far:  a St. Pat's garland, an Irish Lass from an old bottle opener, a tassel from fabric strips and a wine cork, a subway art print in a frame, a dish towel with an Irish label and raw edge ruffle, a St. Pat fabric label onto linen for a little sign.  Fun!
I'm adding pictures to my other blog as I finish different items.

Just finished:  The Bomber Boys:  Heroes Who Flew the B-17s in World War II.  I really enjoyed this for personal reasons; my father was a navigator on a B-17, but he never talked much about the war.  The stories of the various airmen who were interviewed gave me an insight into the Flying Fortress crews and their experiences.  There is also a nice bibliography that I'll look into later.

Amelia is hosting her annual Oscar Party tonight so after Fee and I had lunch at Byronz, we went and picked up Bryce Eleanor.  We went to the park before coming home; it was windy and overcast, but nice and warm.


  1. Aw, isn't she a cutie! Enjoy your Oscar party :)

  2. Oh, we weren't invited to the party! We were invited to keep Bryce Eleanor over night!

  3. I'll bet we got the same little stack from Algonquin. I still have plenty of other books they've sent me, which I'm dying to read but they have to wait in line.

    Bryce Eleanor is a doll!

  4. What a cutie! I hope you enjoyed your night with her. :)

  5. Bookfool - I'm eager to get on with the reading, but have difficulty making time for everything!

    Bryce Eleanor is a joy, but we read a lot of books over and over. Some I like better than others!

    Kailana - We had a great afternoon and evening with B.E. She had such fun at the park; then we played dolls, took a walk, and read. Hoping that all of our grandchildren will be readers!

  6. Hi Jenclair -- thank you for the tip of the hat to my post on Lion's Whiskers. I hope you come back for more, because this is the main topic of the blog.

    All best,
    Jennifer Armstrong