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Friday, December 16, 2011

The Affair by Lee Child

The Affair is the latest in Child's Jack Reacher series.  I read this back in October or November, and as anyone who reads this blog knows, Jack Reacher is one of my favorite characters.  Lee Child writes great action-packed adventure and never fails to keep me wanting more Jack Reacher.

The Affair flashes back to Reacher's days as an elite MP and gives insight into the reasons Reacher leaves the military and begins his Paladin-like career as a wanderer.  Sent undercover to find out who murdered a young woman and to do damage control if necessary, Reacher ends up in a small Mississippi town near an army base.  Looking into the current murder, he discovers that it wasn't actually the first by this killer  (how the authorities  fail to connect murders of young women in a fairly short period of time in a small town seems a leetle bit incompetent, but there you go).  Yes, there are certainly elements that recur from book to book and no, the plots aren't always plausible, and yet Lee Child continues to captivate his audience.

This was not my favorite by any means, but it was still a page-turner.

Fiction.  Action/Adventure/Mystery/Suspense.  2011.  416 pages.


  1. Yes, indeed, I noticed that you like him and also, every time, that I still haven't read any Lee Child. Next year, should be the year.

  2. Caroline - :0 I've read them all now. I began reading them about two years ago and read all that our library had, then resorted to Amazon. The Affair is the latest, it came out in September of this year, and is the 16th in the series. They aren't for everyone, but I've certainly gotten my share of enjoyment from them!

  3. I've only read The Killing Floor (several years ago), but my husband has read all of the Reacher books. As much as I enjoyed that one book, I'm surprised I haven't read more of these books by Lee Child. Maybe in 2012...

  4. Les - The Reacher books can become an yourself!