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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Sewing, Dyeing, Surface Design

For the last month, I've done a lot less reading of fiction because I've been busy with the following books and with dyeing fabric, embroidering, and doll-making.

I've still got several fiction books to review, but I'm grouping all of these non-fiction books together as they easily fit into one broad category.  Many of them I read in August and September.

Sew Wild - Alisa Burke - Various techniques of painting, stamping, stenciling, and other surface design techniques for fabric.  Not exactly my style and nothing really new, but informative, and I can adapt some of the techniques for some projects.

Create with Transfer Artist Paper - Lesley Riley - I still haven't tried this, but am eager to.  I have some of Riley's transfer paper and plan to use it in some of my projects, but have been too busy with the eco dyeing and eco printing.

Stitch Alchemy - Kelly Perkins - More surface design techniques.  As with the previous two, I've read them and intend to use them, but haven't yet.

Plaster Studio - Stephanie Lee, Judy Wise - Using plaster in mixed media projects.  I really like this book, and it will be useful when I get around to actually trying the techniques.

The Art of Manipulating Fabric - Colette Wolf - I didn't find this one particularly useful, but it will be a good reference.

Three-Dimensional Embroidery - Janet Edmonds - not exactly what I wanted.  Not useful for me, although certainly might be for others.

Hand Dyeing Yarn & Fleece - Gail Callahan - a good dyeing reference, although right now I'm interesting in eco dyeing, rather than synthetic dyes.

The Art and Craft of Natural Dyeing - J.N. Niles - haven't actually finished this one, but the dyes in this one call for some mordants that are toxic, and I don't want to fool with disposal.  Some dye recipes might be useful, though, if I use other mordants.

And My Favorites:

**Eco Colour - India Flint - I've had this since the summer, have read it twice all the way through, and consult it frequently.  India Flint is an inspiring resource for eco dyeing and printing.

**The Handbook of Natural Plant Dyes - Sasha Duerr - Another inspiring book on natural or eco dyeing.  Very useful.

Some dyed with acorn dye, some with a leaf mixture dye, and some with cranberry.  Also some leaf prints from bundling and steaming.  Fabrics:  some habotai silk, some muslin, some flour sacking.

Habotai silk embroidered, gathered, twisted.

Several dolls in progress.

More progress.


  1. :) Thanks, Valerie. Do you have any more suggestions for eco dyeing? You use India Flint's book, right?

  2. You are so gifted Jenclair!

  3. Thanks, Annie. I love playing in my studio; keeps me out of trouble!

  4. I was wondering what happened to you. You have a real gift!

  5. Kailana - We took a trip to North Carolina in November and then, of course, Thanksgiving (American Thanksgiving is later than Canadian, isn't it?). In between, I was mainly in the studio.

    It seems overwhelming to be away from the computer (even when at home) and come back to all of the hundreds of posts to read and the reviews to write. :P