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Monday, January 30, 2012

And Yet More Books in the Mail

Well, I finished 1Q84 last night.  I've thought about it off and on all day.  Tomorrow, I'll try to order my thoughts and write a review.  What to say?  What to say?  So very strange.

More of the books I ordered from the used book sellers at Amazon arrived:

A Visit to Vanity Fair:  Moral Essays on the Present Age by Alan Jacobs.  I really wanted The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction, but this seller didn't have it, so I took what was on offer.  I read the review over at Of Books & Bicycles some time ago, and she included it in her Best of 2011.

Making a Garden: Reliable Techniques, Outstanding Plants, and Honest Advice  by Rita Buchanan.  It is time to begin thinking about gardening.

Moominpappa at Sea by Tove Jansson.  I've wanted to read something by Tove Jansson for some time, and I saw that this seller had a couple from the  Moomin  children's series.  The seller didn't have The Summer Book (also recommended by Of Books and Bicycles) or A Winter Book by Jansson; I'll get to them eventually.

So...more books to add to the stack by the reading chair.